All first time Co-op applicants must attend one workshop in order to
participate in the University Co-operative Education Program


Eligibility requirements to apply for Co-op are:

  1. Undergraduates must have sophomore status; completed 30 credits and be degree-seeking.
  2. FAU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50 for undergraduates and a declared major.
  3. Students on academic probation are not eligible to apply for Co-op.
  4. Transfer & graduate students must have completed one semester at FAU before applying for Co-op.

Co-op Program Guidelines:

  1. Application for Co-op work assignments and registration of Co-op work experience must be completed through the Co-operative Education Office.
  2. Elective credit may be awarded at the discretion of students' academic department, otherwise Co-op credit is additive credit.
  3. Co-op students are responsible for professional demeanor on the job and two evaluations during the work term.
  4. Students may not request a change of employer once authorization and assignments have begun.

Co-op work schedules are:

  • Alternating Co-op - Alternating semesters of full-time, paid assignments (35-40hours/week) and academic study.
  • Parallel Co-op - Part-time, paid assignments (15-20 hours/week) while enrolled in classes at FAU.

Co-op application process:

Step 1: Attend a Co-op Application Workshop.
Step 2: Complete and return Co-op application packet & Upload student profile and resume onto Interfase.
Step 3: Your resume will be referred to employers whose qualifications you meet.
Step 4: Return all telephone calls to employers to arrange job interviews.
Step 5: Upon acceptance of a Co-op assignment offered by an employer, you must notify the Co-op Office immediately to complete a Co-op placed form.
Step 6: Elective credit may be awarded at the discretion of students' academic department, otherwise Co-op credit is additive.

To create a Co-op position with an employer not listed with Co-op Office:

  1. Have prospective employer complete forms and return forms directly to Co-op Ed office by deadline (inquire at OISSS or Co-op Office for deadline dates).
  2. Have position approved by Co-op Director.

Violation of Co-op guidelines by individual applicants may result in
withdrawal of that individual's Co-op registration for the entire semester.

Boca Raton Campus:
Carol Lynch
SU 220
(561) 297-3520

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