All first time Co-op applicants must attend one workshop in order to
participate in the University Co-operative Education Program



Eligibility requirements to apply for Co-op are:

  1. Undergraduates must have sophomore status; completed 30 credits and be degree-seeking.
  2. FAU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.50 for undergraduates and a declared major.
  3. Students on academic probation are not eligible to apply for Co-op.
  4. Must have been enrolled in an American university twelve (12) months and must have completed one semester in your current program at FAU before applying for a Co-op work assignment.
  5. Obtain approval from the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (OISSS) and meet all INS and/or OISSS requirements, as designated by OISSS. (Contact OISSS for Curricular Practical Training authorization instructions).

Co-op Program Guidelines:

  1. Application for Co-op work assignments and registration of Co-op work experience must be completed through the Co-operative Education Office.
  2. Elective credit may be awarded at the discretion of students' academic department, otherwise Co-op credit is additive credit.
  3. Students must complete curricular practical training assignment, consisting of one semester, with employer specified in authorization. Students may not request change of employer once authorization and assignments have begun.
  4. Co-op students are responsible for professional demeanor on the job and two evaluations during the work term.

Co-op application process:

  • Alternating Co-op - Alternating semesters of full-time, paid assignments (21-40 hours/week) and academic study.
  • Parallel Co-op - Part-time, paid assignments (15-20 hours/week) while enrolled in classes at FAU.

Steps to Apply for Co-op are:

Step 1: Attend a Co-op Application Workshop.
Step 2: Complete and return Co-op application packet. Upload student profile and resume onto Interfase.
Step 3: Your resume will be referred to employers whose qualifications you meet.
Step 4: Return all telephone calls to employers to arrange job interviews.
Step 5: Upon acceptance of a Co-op assignment offered by an employer, you must notify the Co-op Office immediately to complete the required enrollment in your departmental Co-op course and obtain written work authorization on your I-20 ID Form through the OISSS. Work may not begin before, nor extend beyond, the authorized dates on your I-20 ID.

To create a Co-op position with an employer not listed with Co-op Office:

  1. Have prospective employer complete forms and return forms directly to Co-op Office by deadline (inquire at OISSS or Co-op Office for deadline dates).

  2. Have position approved by Co-op Director.

  3. Submit all other requirements stipulated by OISSS before the deadline and work may not begin before, nor extend beyond, the authorized dates on your I-20 ID.


    Violation of Co-op guidelines will result in withdrawl of Co-op registration
    and violation of INS guidelines may result in prosecution and/or deportation.


Boca Raton Campus:

SU 220

(561) 297-3520

Boca Raton Campus
SU 214
(561) 297-3049

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