School of Social Work Alumni Bursary Fund

Alumni can certainly understand the commitment our social work students make when they decide to pursue professional social work education. Tuition, textbooks, and living expenses are expensive. State funding is limited. Many of our students work and go to school at the same time, while trying to balance family and other social responsibilities. In order to support our students, we are developing a School of Social Work Alumni Bursary Fund. We will be able to use this fund in order to provide financial assistance directly to students with the greatest need. This type of funding will also help us ensure that we are able to attract and retain students from diverse populations that may not otherwise have access to sufficient financial resources. You can help out in one of the following ways:

  1. Direct Donations - Any funds that you can donate will be provided dollar-for-dollar to students in need. If you donate $500, all $500 will be disbursed to students that meet the criteria for bursary support. We will not charge any overhead or administrative costs.
  2. Endowed Donations - You can create an Endowment (in your name or the name of another person or organization) that will be invested with the interest used to fund students into perpetuity. For example, an endowment of as little as $5,000 could be used to support a $250 per year award to students who meet the criteria associated with your endowment.
  3. Bequests and Charitable Trusts - We can assist you with determining the most effective way to provide gifts in conjunction with your estate planning. Florida Atlantic University has personnel who can assist with the tax and adminstrative implications of creating various types of vehicles to support students.

To make a donation or to discuss opportunities with us, please contact Dr. Ellen Ryan, Interim Director of the School of Social Work at or 561.297.3245.

Content Last Updated on: April 25, 2014
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