School of Social Work Book Loan Program Application

Form Instructions:

  1. Complete the entire form online. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  2. When finished, click on "Submit" to email the form contents to the School of Social Work.
  3. Please submit only one application. To make changes to your application visit our office (SO303)
  4. You will receive a call within 48-72 hours after submission to come pick up your book.
  5. You will be required to sign for your book when you pick up your order.

I am receiving financial aid:

Instructions for Completing the Table Below

You must provide all the information requested for each book.

  • Enter the information for the book you want most and continue with the books you want least.
  • Enter the course number associated with the book you are requesting (example: SOW4700)
  • Enter the building and room number where the course meets (example: SO112)
  • Enter the official course name as shown on your registration form or in catalog (example: Social Work Practice 1)
  • Enter the exact name of the textbook you are requesting. Do not use abbreviations.
  • Enter the name of the textbook author(s). For multiple authors enter in as many names as the text area allows.
  • Enter the publisher's edition number if applicable. (example: 3rd Edition)
BOOK #1 - (1st preference)
BOOK #2 - (2nd preference)

I understand I will need to Fax to the Social Work Office (561-297-2866) the following documents following submission of this application:

  • Your Student Detail Schedule as shown in MyFAU
  • A document showing your Financial Aid Award Summary from MyFAU or received from the FAU Financial Aid office - (This is only needed if you are a Financial Aid recipient.)

I understand I may only receive two books and I may not write, underline, highlight or remove any pages from the book.

I understand, if I am tardy in returning my book on two or more occasions, I will be ineligible to participate in the book loan program.

I agree to pay new book replacement costs if it is defaced, lost, stolen or damaged.

Each book option I have requested is a required/core course for social work courses.

For notification purposes, the telephone number I have entered is a working number and has voice mail capabilities.

If I acquire one of these books from another source I will notify the School of Social Work to have that book removed from my application.

If I buy my book from the bookstore I know to return it with my receipt to get a full refund within the bookstore's grace period.

I understand that my application will not be considered if it is INCOMPLETE.

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