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July 30, 2014
American Association of Caregiving Youth, Inc.
Family Specialist – Caregiving Youth Project (CYP)
Independent Contractor Position

Purpose of the Position
To recognize, support and promote the awareness of dual role young people who are both students and caregivers within their families by: 1) organizing, facilitating AACY group curriculum and documenting skills building/support groups, high school workshops and lunch and learn sessions within designated schools; and, 2) encouraging healthy lifestyles and environments.

Reports to: Director of the Caregiving Youth Project

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participates in in-school eligibility process;
  • Collaborates with CYP staff with the identification and ongoing needs of youth caregivers;
  • Works with school liaison to prioritize, interview and schedule students for participation in skills building/support groups;
  • Documents work in student file and data management system;
  • Utilizes Skills Building Curriculum, audio-visual equipment and interactivity to promote interest and attention among students;
  • Uses resources and knowledge of chronic conditions and preventive measures from and translates that information into an understandable format for students and families from which to learn and benefit;
  • Disseminates educational and informational materials, including those for use on the website either independently or in collaboration with project partners;
  • Analyzes results and offers solutions to make changes to improve outcomes to enhance and further project development;
  • Contributes to research and publications pertinent to CYP;
  • Participates in other CYP opportunities as time permits;
  • Encourages communication with students who are self-identifying as caregiving youth;
  • Demonstrates knowledge of principles and methods for skills building and counseling;
  • Participation in mutually agreed to other activities.

Masters degree in psychology, social work or as licensed mental health professional with demonstrated expertise in counseling of children and families required. Evidence of active certification in specialty field; national or board certification in area of expertise preferred. In addition:

  • Speaks and writes additional languages, particularly Creole and Spanish, preferable; seeks resources to bridge communication gaps and language skills challenges as needed;
  • Uses age appropriate active listening skills to determine the direct or indirect question being asked and therefore its answer(s);
  • Communicates effectively in writing as appropriate for reporting as well as to meet the needs of an audience;
  • Stays current with changes in mental health information and understands the implications for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Maintains flexibility in meeting the needs of the CYP program and its clients;
  • Develops constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintains them over time;
  • Demonstrates skill in computer usage.

Work Schedule Location:
Hours are flexible in accordance with project needs. May work from home or within the AACY offices in Boca Raton and at various affiliated schools; may participate in other CYP activities; may also work from alternate site.

To apply: submit resumes ATTENTION: Dr. Connie Siskowski via fax (561) 416-7213 or email

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