Answers to "Fun Quiz"

Here are the correct answers -
1. Dr. Ellen Ryan - St. Louis, MO, USA
2. Dr. Michele Hawkins - Colorado Springs, CO, USA
3. Dr. Velmarie Albertini - Parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica (West Indies)
4. Ms. Susan Hilowitz - Trenton, NJ, USA
5. Ms. Cheryl Moody - Winston-Salem, NC, USA
6. Dr. Wilma Greenfield - Boston, MA, USA
7. Dr. Allan Barsky - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
8. Dr. David Wilson - Elwood, IN, USA (Tomato Capital of the World)

Add up your points for each correct answer. If you have a total of 110-125, you are a "Cornish Hen." If you have a total of 95-110, you are an "Eiffel Tower." If you have a total of 80-95, you are a "Silicon Chip." If you scored less than 80, then you are a "Cala Lily." Now, from what you learned in your research and critical thinking education, what are the problems with the validity and reliability of this test?

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