Where Are They Now?

If you are a SPA alumnus, please let us know what you are doing – professionally and personally. We appreciate if you would add your name to this list below so that we can keep up-to-date on the accomplishments and whereabouts of our alumni community. If you have any questions, please contact us at spa@fau.edu.

Mohamad G. Alkadry

Mohamad G. Alkadry, Ph.D.


I graduated from FAU in 2000 with a Ph.D. in Public Administration. Before coming to FAU, I worked as a legislative auditor for the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. After I finished my Ph.D., I joined West Virginia University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Public Administration – where I received tenure and later served as director of the Masters of Public Administration Program. Currently, I am currently the MPA Director at Florida International University in Miami. FAU prepared me well not only for a successful career but for a better appreciation for the practice of Public Administration. As a doctoral student, I was involved in many academic and applied research projects with almost every faculty member. Giving me the opportunity to teach while in my doctoral program positioned me well to compete for good academic jobs at research institutions. Years after I left FAU, my professors continue to look over my shoulder and provide me with valuable career advice. Simply, going to FAU is one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you have any questions about my experience at FAU, please contact me: malkadry@fiu.edu
Michelle Angeletti, MSW, Ph.D.

Michelle Angeletti, MSW, Ph.D.


Dr. Michelle Angeletti is an Associate Professor of Health Services Administration at Florida Gulf Coast University. She earned a Bacchelor of Science from Tulane University, a Master of Social Work from Barry University and a a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University in 1999. Her research focus is lactation management and healthcare policy. She is a La Leche League Leader and serves as the Area Professional Liaison for La Leche League of Florida and the Caribbean Islands and was recently named the Associate Professional Liaison Department Administrator for the Eastern United States Alliance for Breastfeeding Education. She is a Past-President of the Southwest Florida Healthcare Executives Group and a Founding Board Member of the Western Florida Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Dr. Angeletti has presented at state, national and international conferences. While she lived abroad in Italy, she wrote and published a book chapter on the Italian Healthcare System in The Handbook of International Healthcare Systems. She has also published in peer reviewed academic journals, such as the Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, the Journal of Emergency Management and the International Journal of Human Lactation. Most recently, she co-authored an article about the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative which was published in the International Journal of Community Health Education.
Jennifer OFlannery Anderson

Jennifer OFlannery Anderson

I graduated in the Spring of 2005 with a Ph.D. in Public Administration. During my time at FAU, I focused my research and study on public administration and public higher education.

My career, up until a year ago, has been working in administration for public universities in Florida. In April of 2008 I was named President and CEO of United Way of Broward County. This has been an exciting change and given me the opportunity to apply the concepts and theories I studied at FAU to a non profit organization. I am very grateful for the educational experience.
Tansu Demir

Tansu Demir

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Administration
University of Texas – San Antonio

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Texas – San Antonio. I have been working here since fall 2008. I received my Ph.D. in public administration in December of 2005 from Florida Atlantic University. After graduation, I worked at the University of Central Florida as a visiting assistant professor. Then, I moved to Illinois for my new job at the University of Illinois – Springfield, and worked there for two years.

I am a native of Turkey. I am holding bachelor and master’s degrees in public administration from Hacettepe University, Ankara. I came to the United States in fall 2001 for my doctoral studies at Florida Atlantic University. Looking back, it was the best educational experience I have ever had. I worked under the direction of Dr. Hugh Miller and wrote a dissertation on the politics-administration dichotomy.

In my current job, I am teaching graduate courses such as public administration, public policy, administrative ethics, strategic planning and management, and Human Resource Management. My research focuses on politics-administration relationship. I have articles published in Public Administration Review, Administration & Society, and International Journal of Public Administration. My most recent research tested the concept of continuum between politics and management. It will be published in Public Administration Review. I am now working on a new survey that will explore the determinants of role overlaps between elected officials and public administrators on policy and administration.
Kirk Englehardt

Kirk Englehardt


Kirk Englehardt earned his MPA from Florida Atlantic University in 2001. It immediately opened doors. Just months after graduating, he was hired as Director of Community Relations for Broward County Public Schools, the nation's 6th largest school system. His supervisor said the MPA degree gave him an edge and helped him get the job. Kirk created a solid communication and media relations infrastructure that helped build stronger ties between the systems 240+ schools and the community.

It was the position in Broward that gave him the experience needed to take on the challenge of communicating on behalf of the Georgia Department of Education. He moved to Atlanta in 2005 and became the spokesperson for the state agency and Georgia's State Superintendent of Schools. During his time at the state he led a major re-branding effort, built a solid relationship with media across the state, and played a key role in developing exit strategies for major crises. The communication plan he instituted for the 2004 release of statewide school accountability data/results won a Silver Anvil Award of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America and a Gold Medallion Award from the National School Public Relations Association.

Kirk currently serves as Director of Communication for the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), a nonprofit research organization embedded within the Georgia Institute of Technology. GTRI is home to some of the world’s leading scientists and engineers who solve tough technical problems for government and industry, making the world a safer, cleaner and better place.

He volunteers on the Board of Directors for the Georgia School Public Relations Association, serving as Director of Professional Development. He is also a communication consultant to public school systems and educational organizations, and a regular presenter at a variety of state and national conferences.
Dr. Carter

Nancy Meyer-Emericik, Ph.D.


Nancy Meyer-Emerick is an Associate Professor of Public Administration at the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University. She earned both her Ph.D. and MPA at Florida Atlantic University and a B.S. in Environmental Studies at Florida International University. She also holds a Master of Science in Positive Organizational Development and Change (MPOD) from Case Western Reserve University.

Prior to joining the Levin College faculty in 1999, she worked in local and state government, primarily in public works and environmental health. Dr. Meyer-Emerick’s research interests include democratic governance, organizational behavior, environmental health and emergency management. Her book, The Violence Against Women Act of 1994: An Analysis of Intent and Perception, was published in 2001. Other work has been published in Administration & Society, the International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Public Administration and Development, Administrative Theory & Praxis and the Journal American Water Works Association. She was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Prešov, Slovakia during the spring 2009 semester where she taught Organizational Behavior and Crisis Management.
Dr. Carter

Celeste Murphy Greene, Ph.D.


I graduated from FAU in 1997 with a Ph.D. in Public Administration. My research area was environmental justice. After graduating I worked as an Assistant Professor for two years at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). I then worked as an Assistant Professor at San Diego State University from 1999-2004. In 2004 my husband and I welcomed our first child into our family. That same year my husband took a new job in Newport New, VA and we moved to Virginia Beach, VA. I have taught part-time as an Assistant Adjunct Professor at Old Dominion University in the Department of Public Administration since 2005. In 2006 we welcomed our second child into our family. In the Fall of 2008 I took on a new role as Coordinator/Adjunct Professor for the University of Virginia's Graduate Certificate in Public Administration, an online program. Teaching online courses has been an exciting learning experience. I am able to connect with students all over the world.

My experience as a Ph.D. student at FAU helped prepare me for my job as a professor of Public Administration. Working as a teaching assistant while working on my Ph.D. was excellent preparation for teaching at the university level. Also, I worked with the faculty at FAU on research that I was later able to publish. I am still friends with my dissertation advisor and several other faculty members. I would not be where I am today without FAU! Go Owls!!!
George L. Hanbury II

George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D.


I was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Public Administration from the faculty of FAU during its May commencement in 2001. Since I had been a city manager in four major cities for thirty years and at the time I entered the program, planned on remaining in that profession, my efforts to achieve the Ph.D. were not for employment reasons but solely for personal enrichment and a passionate desire to expand my knowledge of Public Administration theory.

Today, I am the President at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and although I did not pursue the Ph.D. for employment reasons, acquiring the doctoral degree has enabled me to enter the classroom and teach students at a doctoral research university (NSU), combining my knowledge of public administration theory with practical experiences of administering large municipal organizations.

To me, the Ph.D. program has been one my most rewarding investments that has never diminished and continues to provide enriching dividends.
Mary Margaret Dickens Johnson

Mary Margaret Dickens Johnson


Hi, I joined the FAU doctoral program in 2003 in the SPA.  After a challenging entry back into academia, I was somewhat successful.  In the identifying questionnaire, I was reluctant to choose the category of disabled and retired.  I had always succeeded in my two other Masters' Degree programs as a normal person.  However, it was not meant to be.  I graduated with a "downgraded" Masters in Public Administration degree in 2007.  It was a mixed blessing, but a blessing, nevertheless. I learned many tools that help me succeed as a Continuing Education Faculty for Villanova University, where I have served for eight years.  Also, I was successful in achieving three (3) academic publications.  Financial assistance was helpful too.  As well, I made friends in the Ph.D. program who I continue to track, and the relationship is rewarding.  I might add that I am already a Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM), Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) and a Fellow with the National Contract Management Association (NCMA)(received 2003).

Donald C. Long

Donald C. Long

I completed my Ph.D. in 1994 with public budgeting and finance as my interest areas, from the College of Urban and Public Affairs. As adjunct faculty, I taught graduate courses in public budgeting and finance, public personnel, and public administration for five years. Most of my work has been for national management consulting firms, completing projects in the public sector in the areas of public safety, restructuring, planning, and personnel systems. I currently serve as president of Management Advisory Group International, Inc., a public sector consulting firm with over 400 projects in 24 states.

Paula S. Scott

Paula S. Scott


Paula S. Scott is proud to be a two time FAU graduate. In 2002, Paula earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. While working at WorkForce One and the Urban League of Broward County as a Program Specialist, Paula returned to FAU to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA). Paula values the education she received from FAU and has definitely applied her knowledge to her mission to work to improve the lives of others.

Since graduating with her MPA in 2005, Paula has worked with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as a Management Analyst/Transit Grants Coordinator. After working at FDOT for about two years, Paula decided to follow her true passion, which is to provide assistance to troubled youth. Paula founded PS Youth Outreach Center, Inc. in April, 2007.

PS Youth Outreach Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Broward County which offers a wide array of services to youth and their families. Since opening its doors in October, 2007, the organization has managed to secure contracts and partnerships with various entities, to include: Florida Department of Education, the School Board of Broward County, and Community Foundation of Broward County.
Joe Smith

Joe Smith


Joe Smith graduated from Florida Atlantic University in the spring of 2011 with his MPA.  That degree was the key to obtaining his current position with the Federal government, working as a policy analyst for the US Forest Service in Washington, DC.  As a policy analyst, Joe works with a team of professionals who review and critically consider ways the Forest Service can operate more effectively.  Since the agency is an organization made up of more than 30,000 individuals managing more than 193 million acres of land, the policy analysis team has a challenging yet rewarding task.  On the whole, Joe strongly believe in public service and its role in strengthening our community, and serving the public day in and day out is something that he cherishes.

Before accepting this position with the government, Joe worked in broadcast television for six years as an on-air meteorologist and environmental reporter. In addition to his MPA, Joe also possesses a BS degree in Meteorology from Florida State University.  On a personal level, his hobbies include cycling, hiking, cooking, walking my Dalmatian, and running.  Joe is originally from New Jersey but considers Oregon and Florida to be home.            
Dragan Staniševski, Ph.D.

Dragan Staniševski, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Mississippi State University

Dragan Staniševski received his Ph.D. in public administration from Florida Atlantic University in 2006. Upon graduation from Florida Atlantic University, Dragan assumed a position of assistant professor of political science and public administration at Mississippi State University. Mississippi State University is a land-grant, doctoral-degree granting academic institution. It is the largest university in the state of Mississippi.

His current research focuses primarily on issues of multiculturalism and diversity in public administration and public policy, public discourse and deliberative democracy, administrative and political theories, and public budgeting and finance. His present teaching includes doctoral and master’s seminars in public budgeting and financial management, graduate and undergraduate courses in diversity and civil rights issues in public administration and policy, a doctoral seminar in qualitative methods, a master’s seminar in research methods, and a graduate seminar in privatization and network governance. His research has been published in such peer-reviewed journals as Administrative Theory & Praxis, International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior, and is forthcoming in Administration & Society. He has also authored or co-authored several book chapters and book reviews and has presented papers at numerous academic conferences.
Leslie Taylor, Ph.D.

Leslie Taylor, Ph.D.

Research and Development Coordinator
Broward Sheriff’s Office
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I graduated from Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) School of Public Administration with a Ph.D. in Public Administration in 2007 specializing in policy and planning.  I was a BSO/FAU Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Organizational Development and Accreditation (ODA) at the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) from 2002 to 2003.  Prior to completing the doctoral program, I joined BSO as a Research and Development Coordinator in the Staff Services Division.  In this capacity, I perform professional supervisory administrative work in the coordination and administration of various activities, programs and projects for the research, planning and development initiatives of the Sheriff’s Office.  Some of these include developing strategic plans, evaluating various project activities, analyzing crime and survey data and coordinating assigned projects.  I also coordinate and manage the planning, development, and production of various policy and research papers on public safety issues that impact BSO.  I have ten years combined experience conducting research and statistical analysis in public policy issues and several years experience planning and coordinating projects in the public sector.

I have always seen my role as trying to bridge the gap between theory and practice.  I believe that theory and research should inform practice but at the same time the PA discipline still has a lot to learn from the field.  The Public Administration doctoral program at FAU has provided me with the theoretical and research foundation to continue to contribute to the discipline by being involved in various academic activities (presentations at ASPA, SECOPA conferences, publications, teaching) and a unique opportunity to develop advance skills to change practice.  Some would call me a “pracademic” so I consider myself to have the best of both worlds.

One of my main interests outside of my work is teaching and I credit the FAU Public Administration doctoral program for helping to strengthen my teaching skills as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA).  Teaching has always been rewarding for me and my primary goal is to have a positive impact on the students’ professional career.  I have instructed several public administration and policy courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at FAU and currently teach social science courses at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale.  I also teach an executive leadership and critical issues course in the Executive Leadership Program at BSO.  My areas of teaching interests are in public policy, public budgeting and finance, program evaluation, and strategic planning; and my research agenda focuses on regional policy and planning, emergency management and state and local government planning.  I am a member of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA), Pi Alpha Alpha, the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), and the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners (IALEP).  I am also a member of the Broward Sheriff’s Office/Nova Southeastern University Board of Advisors and the Coordinating Council of Broward (CCB) Quality of Life Committee.

My immediate goal is to continue to enhance my effectiveness as a practitioner, researcher and a teacher by keeping up with developments in the discipline.  It is difficult to predict the future but I someday would like to do applied research in a university-based think tank and intend to teach until I am no longer physically able to do it.
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