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Changing Environment of Society, Business, and Government (PAD 2258) 3 credits
An examination of the historical, economic, legal, political and social environments of the public and private sectors, emphasizing policy analysis of current issues such as productivity, ethics, energy, regulation, growth management, and future forecasting. This is a General Education course.

Public Management and Administration (PAD 3003) 3 credits
This is the introductory course for the B.P.M.major offering a survey and discussion of the emerging management problems of the various levels of government, and of the application of management principles and practices in public administration.

Organizational Behavior and Administrative Communication (PAD 3104) 3 credits
Analysis of the elements that make up complex organizations and the factors that affect human behavior within them, with emphasis on the processes of interpersonal and group communication.

Communication Skills for Public Managers (PAD 3438) 3 credits
Course will expose students to general public sector professional writing skills with special attention paid to composition and grammar. Techniques for formatting, organizing, and composing internal and external public documents will be covered at length.

Computers in Public Administration (PAD 3712) 3 credits
Applications of computers in public management with emphasis onconceptual and hands-on skills in computers and telecommunications in the public and nonprofit sectors.

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector (PAD 4144) 3 credits
This is a multidisciplinary course examining the historical, political, legal, ethical and societal environments in which nonprofit organizations operate. This primarily includes institutions involved with education, social services, health care, and the arts. The course is intended for students who are seeking to enter the nonprofit field and those who have considerable experience working in nonprofits.

Funding for Nonprofit Organizations (PAD 4202) 3 credits
The course is designed to provide a broad-based understanding of the various vehicles used to fund nonprofit organizations. It also provides hands-on, practical instruction in researching funding sources and developing funding requests and grant applications.

Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations (PAD 4203) 3 credits
Course introduces students to the theory and practice of financial management within nonprofit organizations, including churches, charities, hospitals, and human service organizations. This course provides an introduction to management issues faced by leaders in nonprofit organizations.

Public Budgeting and Finance (PAD 4223) 3 credits

Prerequisite: PAD 3003 or permission of instructor
The theory and practice of various approaches to financial management in government including budgeting techniques. Special emphasis on the role of budgeting in shaping public policy.

Public Budgeting Techniques and Processes (PAD 4228) 3 credits
Prerequisite: PAD 4223
An exploration and analysis of the budgetary processes typically employed at the federal, state, and local levels of government. Practical as well as theoretical exposure to the techniques and various formats of public budgeting.

Program Evaluation in Public Management (PAD 4320) 3 credits
Explores the organizational, social, and political contexts of program evaluation to gain understanding of evaluation, program research design, and methodologies needed for systematic program evaluation.

Managing for Excellence in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors (PAD 4332) 3 credits
Surveys current management and leadership tools and processes used in both private and public organizations. Provides a conceptual understanding of strategies to improve public and nonprofit organizational performance such as measurement, strategic planning, employee motivation, and organizational development and change.

Public Personnel and Supervisory Practice (PAD 4414) 3 credits
Prerequisite: PAD 3003 or permission of instructor
A general survey of public personnel administration including the evolution of civil service. Includes an introduction to supervisory practices.

Public Sector Labor Relations (PAD 4426) 3 credits
An examination of the historical development of labor relations and collective bargaining in the public sector and the impact of public employees unions on public personnel administration.

Administrative Process and Ethics (PAD 4604) 3 credits
Prerequisite: PAD 3003 or permission of instructor
Surveys the principles of administrative procedure, procedural due process, and regulatory procedures and considers administrative ethics in process.

Quantitative Inquiry for Public Managers (PAD 4702) 3 credits
Prerequisite: STA 2023 or STA 3163
This course introduces students to basic statistical concepts and quantitative methods of inquiry in the field of public management using real-world examples and hand-on data manipulation. Topics include displaying and summarizing data, using probabilities to explain data, estimating population values from samples, hypothesis testing (including t, F, and chi-square tests), correlation, and simple regression.

Research Methods for Public Management (PAD 4704) 3 credits
Provides a basic overview and application of quantitative decision-making methods for public management. It includes research design, some major management techniques and computer applications.

State and Local Government Administration (PAD 4806) 3 credits
A study of the structure, functions, policy processes, and administration of state and local governments.

Introduction to Public Sector Procurement (PAD 4852) 3 credits
This course examines the technical and fundamental procedures basic to public sector procurement, including the solicitation process, types of contracts, pricing policies and techniques, contracting by negotiation, contract administration, contract performance, government contract quality assurance, termination of government contracts, protest, disputes, appeals, and contract closeout.

Public Sector Contract Planning and Analysis (PAD 4853) 3 credits
This course surveys all phases of the contract formulation process and instructs students in how to write a statement of work document. Specific focus is on the RFP and RFB process and documents.

Public Sector Contract Management (PAD 4854) 3 credits
This course is a study of government contract administration, including contract administration process and techniques.

Administrative Process and Ethics of Public Sector Procurement (PAD 4880) 3 credits
This course provides an overview of public procurement processes, paying particular attention to administrative procedures, law, and ethics.

Public Sector Project Management Techniques (PAD 4881) 3 credits
This course provides an overview of essential elements for each phase of the project life cycle, knowledge, tools, and techniques to manage a project from its initiation to final closeout.

Directed Independent Study (PAD 4905) 1-3 credits
Prerequisite: Approval of instructor and director of school prior to registration and prior completion of 12 public management credits
Independent study, research, or other project to extend and integrate the student’s knowledge of issues and approaches in the field.

Special Topics (PAD 4931) 1-3 credits
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Study relating to special problems in public administration.

Capstone Seminar in Public Management (PAD 4933) 3 credits
Prerequisite: Senior standing and declared public management major
A capstone course which examines the application and relationships of governmental management policies to contemporary economic, political, and technological processes.

Senior Seminar in Public Management (PAD 4935) 3 credits
Writing Across Curriculum (Gordon Rule)
Prerequisites: Senior standing and Public Administration majors only
This writing centered and writing intensive course serves as an integrative senior seminar for undergraduate Public Administration majors.

Government Internship (PAD 4941) 3 credits
Prerequisite: Completion of 12 management credits
Offers public sector working-world experience that allows the acquisition of career-relevant expertise and networks.

Nonprofit Internship (PAD 4942) 3 credits
Offers nonprofit working-world experience that allows the acquisition of career-relevant expertise and networks.

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