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  1. Form 8 Admission to Candidacy. This form indicates that you have formed a committee. The form must be signed by a minimum of three graduate faculty members who have agreed to serve on your dissertation committee. Without an Admission to Candidacy form on file in the Graduate College, students are not allowed to enroll for PAD 7980 Dissertation.
  2. Dissertation Proposal Form. Successful defense of a dissertation proposal means that your dissertation committee members have agreed to your research plan, and that you are now ready to pursue IRB approval if need be and ready to carry out your scholarly research. An electronic copy of the approved proposal is kept on file in the School office and another copy is kept in the College advising office. These files protect the student from arbitrary demands from faculty at the dissertation defense stage and also serve as a commitment by the student to perform certain tasks in certain ways.
  3. Dissertation Pre-Defense Form. This form ensures that faculty have had a chance to express any reservations they may have about the dissertation before the actual dissertation defense.
  4. Dissertation Defense Form. This form signifies whether or not the candidate has successfully defended her/his dissertation, and specifies whether any revisions are required. If successful, the dissertation is submitted to the Graduate College for stylistic evaluation.
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