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New Update: Chung Nguyen Being Invited to the 2014 STARS Symposium in Singapore

Chung Nguyen, a Ph.D. student, was invited to take part in the STARS Symposium, which will be held from 16-19, February 2014 in Singapore. This symposium, sponsored by the UBS Wolfsberg Foundation (USB is the Swiss biggest bank). The STARS symposium will bring together renowned global leaders and outstanding experts with a circle of “Leaders of the Next Generation” from the fields of business, science, politics, culture, NGOs and the media.

Here are some of the event’s distinctive features:

  • 100 participants, aged 35-45, half from Asia and half from the rest of the world
  • Programme focus is on: 2020 – Challenges and Choices; Innovation – The Invisible Wealth of Nations; Competing Values, Systems and Ideologies; Facing up to our Urban Future; Global Leadership; and Building Bridges through Art and Culture; and region-specific workshops focusing on ASEAN, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Myanmar as well as workshops on family businesses and consumerism in Asia (please see the attached draft programme for more information)
  • Singapore: innovative and dynamic city in a garden

Nominee’s requirements

  • Holding a senior leadership role within his/her organization
  • Between 35 and 45 years of age
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Committed to participate for the entire symposium
  • STARS offers your nominee a scholarshipwhich covers the regular participation fee of EUR 4,000 as well as accommodation and meals at the symposium.
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