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Annual Doctoral Research Colloquium

From left: Lester Leavitt, Josh Steinfeld, Michelle Evans, Alexandru Roman, Mariana O’Brien, Amanda Gillespie, Darrin Wilson, Jean Pierre, Derek Slagle, Daniel Hummel, Joe Heilman; Front Row seated: Dr. Hugh Miller
Not pictured: Dr. Khi Thai, Dr. Patricia Patterson, Dr. Ron Nyhan, Denise Vienne, Daniel Bauer, Bassam Albassam

On April 26, 2012 the School of Public Administration hosted its Annual Doctoral Student Research Colloquium.  Ten students gave presentations on recently completed or in progress research projects covering a diverse range of interests:

  • Management Reform and Adoption of Internet Public Procurement (Josh Steinfeld)
  • À Nous la Liberté: A Model of Administrative Decisionmaking under Instability (Alexandru Roman)
  • Economic Goals and the Policies to Achieve Them: Influences of Unofficial Actors on Local Economic Development Policy Making (Darrin Wilson)
  • The Devolution of Growth Management in Florida: Policy Implications (Amanda Gillespie)
  • Collective Discourse Structuration: Eliminating the Narrative Boundaries of the Inner-city Poor (Lester Leavitt)
  • Collaboration or Public Relations? Service Learning from the Community Partner Perspective (Michelle Evans)
  • From ‘Welcome to America’ to ‘Public Enemy Number One’: The Evolution of Immigration Policy Narrative and the Case of Legal Immigrants in America (Mariana O’Brien)
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Hospital Laboratory Personal in Urban/Rural (Derek Slagle)
  • Traffic Tickets and Citizen Happiness (Daniel Hummel)
  • Haitian-American Influence on United States Foreign Policy (Jean Pierre)

Several fellow doctoral students and Public Administration faculty members were also in attendance to query and offer recommendations.

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