Dr. Alka Sapat

Alka Sapat

Alka Sapat,
Associate Professor,
School of Public Administration, Florida Atlantic University
Social Sciences Building, Room 301 B
777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991
Phone: 561-297-2316
Fax: 561-297-4178
E-mail: asapat@fau.edu
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Alka Sapat is an associate professor of public administration at Florida Atlantic University. Her research interests include disaster and crisis management, environmental policy and justice, federalism, and social networks analysis. She was a Research Fellow with the National Science Foundation's "Next Generation of Hazards Researchers" program and has been involved in a number of initiatives including NSF funded projects on topics of building code regulation, disaster-induced population displacement, and the role of diasporas in disaster recovery and resilience. Her work has been published in the Natural Hazards Review, Public Administration Review, the International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, and other scholarly venues. Sapat’s teaching interests include disaster management and homeland security, disaster planning and public policy, research methods, and statistical analysis. She serves on the Florida State Disaster Housing Task Force and the Governor’s Hurricane Conference committee, along with serving on local committees on post-disaster housing initiatives.

Sapat is currently working on a project funded by the National Science Foundation on the role of non-governmental organizations and diaspora-led coalitions in disaster recovery (for more information see http://www.fau.edu/spa/research/diaspora/summary.php). She is the co-author (with A-M Esnard) on a recently published book titled “Displaced by Disaster: Resilience and Recovery in a Globalizing World” and editor of a forthcoming book titled “Post-Disaster Housing” (to be published by CRC Press in 2016).

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