Department of Sociology

Minor Checklist

A minor in sociology requires earning a grade of C or better in a minimum of four 3000 or 4000-level courses (total of 12 credit hours).   Any courses in the department can be used for the minor.  Follow your interests!   Find courses that complement your major; explore social issues that related to your interests and values.  

A course can be counted towards either the major or the minor but cannot satisfy the requirements of both.


Sociological Theory  SYA 4010 
Contemporary Social Theory SYA 4120
Social Conflict SYA 4150 
Survey of Research Methods SYA 4300 
Qualitative and/or Comparative-Historical Methods SYA 4310 
Quantitative Methods SYA 4400 
Writing Social Theory SYA 4511 
Directed Independent Study SYA 4905 
Special Topics SYA 4930 
Environmental Sociology SYA 4510 
Justice, Health and the Environment SYA 4513 
The Urban Community SYD 4602 
Caribbean Inequalities SYD 4631 
Race and Ethnic Relations SYD 3700 
Race in Global Context SYD 4702 
Gender and Society SYD 4800
Gender and World Development SYD 4803 
Gender, Power, and Relationships SYD 4814 
Sociology Study Abroad SYG 4957 
Family and Society SYO 3100
Sociology of Religion SYO 4200 
Sociology of Education SYO 4250 
Sociology of the Marketplace SYO 4353
Men, Women and Work SYO 4370 
Health and Social Inequality SYO 4404 
Sociology of Mental Health SYO 4410  
Class, Status and Power SYO 3530 
Poverty and Society SYO 4534 
Organizational Sociology SYO 4570 
Human Sexuality and Social Change SYP 3060 
Global Inequality and Crisis SYP 3456 
Drugs and Society SYP 3550 
Sociology of Aging & Dying SYP 3740 
Self and Society SYP 4110 
Social Movements SYP 4304 
Sociology of Peace & Justice SYP 4352 
Social Change SYP 4400 
Sociology of Consumption SYP 4420 
Technology and Society SYP 4421 
Women and Social Change SYP 4445 
Globalization and US Cities SYP 4451 
Global Social Change SYP 4453 
Globalization and Social Movements SYP 4454 
Adolescence and Delinquency SYP 4530 
Social Control and Deviance SYP 4570 
Cultural Sociology SYP 4610 
Sociology of Popular Culture SYP 4630
Sociology of Sport SYP 4650 
Sociology of Youth SYP 4714


 Last Modified 11/8/16