Department of Sociology

Major Checklist

Reminder:   advising for the Sociology major is done by the professional advising staff in the Office of Student Academic Services of the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters.   There are advising offices on both the Davie and Boca Raton campuses.   Be sure to meet with your advisor every term to be sure that you are on track for graduation.

Minimum Credits in Major: 30.  You must earn at least a C in a course for it to count towards the major. 

I. Theory  (three credits minimum/one course)   

SYA 4010 - Sociological Theory
SYA 4120 - Contemporary Social Theory
SYA 4511 - Writing Social Theory (Gordon Rule course)

II. Sociological Analysis  (three credits minimum/one course)

SYA 4300 - Survey of Methods
SYA 4310 - Qualitative and/or Comparative-Historical Methods
SYA 4410 - Quantitative Methods

III. Sociology Electives ( 24 credits minimum/eight courses )

At least nine credits (three courses) of electives in sociology must be at the 4000-level.   The remaining 15 credits can be at the 3000 or 400-level.    Follow your interests!

A. 3000 level electives*

SYD 3700 - Race and Ethnic Relations
SYO 3100 - Family and Society
SYO 3400 - Social Change
SYO 3530 - Class, Status and Power
SYO 3550 - Drugs and Society
SYP 3060 - Human Society & Social Change
SYP 3110 - Self and Society
SYP 3570 - Deviance and Social Control
SYP 3650 - Sociology of Sports
SYP 3740 - Sociology of Aging and Dying

B. 4000 level electives*

SYA 4930 - Special Topics.    Note:  all SYA 4930 courses can be counted towards the degree.
      A "special topics" course is often used to explore new areas in sociology or new fields of faculty interest.    A special topics course will not necessary be repeated -- so, if you are interested in taking a 4930 course that is being offered, do not put it off until "later."   There might not be a later.
    Multiple "special topics" courses (on different topics) may be counted towards the major.    Special topics courses are treated like all of the other courses in the department.
SYD 4510 - Environmental Sociology
SYD 4513 - Justice, Health and the Environment
SYD 4602 - The Urban Community
SYD 4702 - Race in Global Context
SYD 4800 - Gender and Society
SYD 4803 - Gender and World Development
SYD 4812 - Women, Wealth and Power
SYD 4814 - Gender, Power and Relationships
SYG 4244 - Sociology of Food
SYG 4245 - Sociology of Fashion
SYO 4200 - Sociology of Religion
SYO 4304 - Social Movements
SYO 4370 - Men, Women and Work
SYO 4377 - Labor and Globalization
SYO 4404 - Health and Social Inequality
SYO 4410 - Sociology of Mental Health
SYO 4453 - Sociology of the Marketplace
SYO 4534 - Poverty and Society
SYO 4570 - Organizational Sociology
SYP 4014 - Sociology of Happiness
SYP 4250 - Sociology of Education
SYP 4420 - Sociology of Consumption
SYP 4421 - Technology and Society
SYP 4445 - Women and Social Change
SYP 4452 - Globalization and U.S. Cities
SYP 4453 - Global Social Change
SYP 4454 - Globalization and Social Movements
SYP 4530 - Adolescence and Delinquency
SYP 4610 - Cultural Sociology
SYP 4630 - Popular Culture
SYP 4714 - Sociology of Youth
SYG 4957 - Sociology Study Abroad
SYA 4905 - Directed Independent Study**
Note: Sociology majors are strongly encouraged to take more than ten courses in Sociology.   Follow your interests!

*    The prerequisite for 4000-level courses in Sociology is the completion of at least 9 credits of 1000, 2000, or 3000 level sociology courses or the permission of the instructor.  If you have any questions about whether you have the background to succeed in a course, contact the professor before the class begins.

**   Only one DIS course can be counted towards the degree. The theory and methods requirements cannot be met with DIS courses. A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for a student to take a DIS course.   

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