Department of Sociology

Major Checklist

Minimum Credits in Major: 30   "C" Minimum

I. Theory: (3 Credits minimum)          (click the course number for more information)

Sociological Theory
Contemporary Social Theory
Writing Social Theory (Gordon Rule course)

II. Sociological Analysis: (3 Credits minimum)

A Survey of Methods
Qualitative and/or Comparative-Historical Methods
Quantative Methods *

III. Substantive Specialty Areas:

A. Global Sociology: (3 Credits minimum)

Caribbean Inequalities
Race In Global Context
Gender and World Development
Sociology of the Marketplace
Global Inequality and Crisis
Sociology of Peace and Justice
Globalization and US Cities
Global Social Change
Globalization and Social Movements

B. Social Inequality and Social Change: (3 Credits minimum)

Social Conflict
Justice Health and the Environment
Race and Ethnic Relations
Health and Social Inequality
Class, Status and Power
Poverty and Society
Social Movements
Social Change

C. Gender, Family, and Sexuality:  (3 Credits minimum)

Gender and Society
Gender and World Development
Gender, Power, and Relationships
Family and Society
Men, Women and Work
Human Sexuality and Social Change
Women and Social Change

D. Culture, Identity, and Sociology of Everyday Life: (3 Credits minimum)

Sociology of Mental Health
Self and Society
Sociology of Consumption
Cultural Sociology
Sociology of Popular Culture
Sociology of Youth

IV. General Electives: (12 credits minimum from the following or from courses listed under Theory, Sociological Analysis, and Substantive Specialty Areas)

Directed Independent Study **
Special Topics
Environmental Sociology
The Urban Community
Sociology Study Abroad
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Education
Organizational Sociology
Drugs and Society
Sociology of Aging and Dying
Technology and Society
Adolescence and Delinquency
Social Control and Deviance
Sociology of Sport

Note: Sociology majors are strongly encouraged to take more than 10 courses in Sociology.

*Undergraduate statistics is recommended but not necessary for completion of this course.

** The Following rules apply to DIS courses.

A. Only one DIS course can be counted towards the degree.

B. Theory and Method courses can not be taken as DIS courses.

C. A DIS course can be offered only to students who have already taken a regular course witha full-time faculty member.

D. A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for a student to take a DIS course.

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