Department of Sociology

Graduate Seminars

Graduate seminars in sociology are built around the in-depth study of particular research questions, methodologies, or sociological subfields. The array of seminars provides students with the opportunity to develop a broad background in sociology within a distinctively "critical" approach to the field.  

Four or five carefully-selected seminars are offered every term.   The seminars listed in the FAU catalogue are only a small subset of those offered.  Many seminars are "special topics" seminars (SYA 6934) that reflect current faculty scholarship and new directions in the discipline. Recent "special topics" seminars have included:

Globalization: Case Study of China
Sociology of Aging
Women of Color in the US
Labor and Globalization
Political Economy of Culture
Sociology of Education
Global Environmental Perspectives
Global Perspectives on Gender
Research Methods & Design
Feminization of Poverty
Comparative-Historical Research
Sociology of Development
Race in Global Context
Critical Social Psychology
Sociology of the Family

Frequently-offered seminars are:

SYA 6117 - Seminar in Critical Perspectives in Social Theory
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