Department of Sociology

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Dr. Naihua Zhang

Dr. Naihua Zhang

Associate Professor of Sociology
(954) 236-1137

Teaching and Research Interests
Social movement and social change, the women’s movement, the sociology of development, the intersection of class, race/ethnicity, gender and nation, globalization and inequality, state and civil society, China studies, Asian studies

Courses Taught
Family and Society
Men, Women and Work
Social Control and Deviance
Gender and World Development
Gender and Social Movements in Global Context (Graduate)

Selected Publications
“Unintended Consequences of Hosting a Women's Conference: Beijing and Beyond.' pp.171-187 in Hilda Rømer Christensen, Beatrice Halsaa and Aino Saarinen (eds.), Crossing Borders. Re-mapping Women's Movements at the Turn of the 21st Century .Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark (2004).

“Promising and Contested Fields: Women’s Studies and Sociology of Women/Gender in Contemporary China,” (co-authored with Esther Ngan-ling Chow and Jinling Wang ) Gender and Society, Vol.18, No.2: 161-188 (2004).

In Search for ‘Authentic’ NGOs: the NGO Discourse and Women’s Organizations in China,” pp.159-179 in Ping-Chun Hsiung, Maria Jaschok, and Cecilia Milwertz (eds.) Chinese Women Organizing: Cadres, Feminists, Muslims, Queers, Oxford, England: Berg Publishers (2001).

“In a World Together, Yet Apart: The Coming of Age of Young Urban and Rural Women in the ‘70s, pp. 1-26 in Xueping Zhong, Wang Zheng and Bai Di (eds.) Some of Us: Chinese Women Growing Up in the Mao Era. Rutgers University Press (2001).

“Discovering the Positive Within the Negative: The Women’s Movement in a Changing China,” (with Wu Xu ) pp.

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