Department of Sociology

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Dr.Gregory A. Lukasik

Dr. Greg Lukasik

Instructor of Sociology


Teaching Interests
introductory sociology
social problems
collective behavior and social movements
research methods

Research Interests
social movements
labor union history
comparative historical sociology
political economy

Courses Taught
Introductory Sociology
Social Problems
Collective Behavior and Social Movements (at FSU)
Research Methods for Social Sciences (at FSU)

Isaac, Larry, McDonald, Steve, and Greg Lukasik. 2006. “Takin’ It from the Streets: How the Sixties Breathed Life into the Labor Movement,” American Journal of Sociology, 2006, vol.112, no.1

Carreno, Gina, and Greg Lukasik. 2005. “Themes of the Times for Introduction to Sociology: A Collection of Articles from The New York Times for Use with Your Allyn and Bacon Text.”Boston: Allyn and Bacon

Most Recent Conference Presentations
“U.S. Economic Hegemony, National Social Policy, and Globalization: A Case Against Convergence,” American Sociological Association, 2002, Chicago.

Comparative Historical Methods, Global Processes, and Labor Union Growth and Decline in the United States, Germany, Sweden, and Poland. Southern Sociological Society, 2005, Charlotte, SC.

“Fostering Empathy: Teaching Sensitivity to Diversity and Inequality in the Lower-Division Curriculum,” Southern Sociological Society, 2006, New Orleans, LA (with Gina D. Carreno).

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