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Dr. Mark Harvey
Associate Professor of Sociology
Telephone: 561 297-3279
Email: mharve16@fau.edu

Background/Research Interests:

Dr. Harvey earned his PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2005). His research interests are in the areas of political-economy; social policy; race, class and gender; migrant labor; family; rural sociology and community development. His dissertation, entitled Mandates without Means: Welfare Reform and Household Survival Strategies in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, examined the various ways in which neoliberal state restructuring exacerbates social inequalities. An overview of the findings appears in his co-authored book, Welfare Reform in Persistent Rural Poverty: Dreams, Disenchantments and Diversity (Penn State University Press, 2006). Before joining the faculty at FAU, Dr. Harvey spent two years at the Southern Rural Development Center at Mississippi State University where he led a team of researchers in evaluating a philanthropically-funded community development initiative in the Mississippi Delta. His work on this project is ongoing and includes the forthcoming publication, “Implementing Community Development in the Mississippi Delta: The Effect of Organizations on Resident Participation,” in Mobilizing Communities: Asset Building as a Community Development Strategy, edited by A. Goetting and G. Green. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press. Dr. Harvey is currently in the process of developing a grant proposal(s) to fund research on immigrant incorporation and welfare in South Florida.

Other Publications:

Harvey, Mark H. and Kathleen Pickering. Forthcoming. “Colorblind Welfare or New Cultural Racism? Evidence from Rural Native- and Mexican-American Communities.” In International Perspectives on Rural Welfare, edited by Paul Milbourne. UK: Emerald.

Harvey, Mark, Gene F. Summers, Kathleen Pickering and Patricia Richards. 2002. "The Short-Term Impacts of Welfare Reform in Persistently Poor Rural Areas" in Rural Dimensions of Welfare Reform edited by Bruce A. Weber, Greg J. Duncan, and Leslie A. Whitener. Kalamazoo MI: The Upjohn Institute.

Lee, M.A., Mark Harvey and Allison Neustrom. 2002. "Local Labor Markets and Caseload Decline in Louisiana in the 1990s.” Rural Sociology 67(4)556-577.

Courses Taught:

Gender and Society
Race in Global Context
U.S. Latinos
Migration and Border Studies

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