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Dr. Ann Branaman

Dr. Ann Branaman

Associate Professor of Sociology

(561) 297-3278

Teaching and Research Interests
Ann Branaman teaches and conducts research in the areas of Social theory, Microsociology, Sociology of mental health, Sociology of consumption, Social and cultural change in the U.S.

Courses Taught
Sociological Theory Contemporary
Social Theory
Social Change
Self & Society
Sociology of Consumption
Sociology of Mental Health
Gender & Society
Gender, Power & Relationships
Seminar in Microsociology
Seminar in Contemporary Social Theory

Selected Works
2002 "Interaction and Hierarchy in Everyday Life: Goffman and Beyond," In The Sociology of Face-to-Face Encounters after Erving Goffman, edited by Javier Trevino. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

2001 "Goffman." In Profiles in Contemporary Social Theory, edited by Anthony Elliot and Bryan Turner. Sage Publications.

2001 The Self and Society Reader. Cambridge, Oxford: Basil Blackwell Publishers.

2001 "Rational and Irrational Bases of Commitment to Hierarchy in Group Interaction." Advances in Group Processes 18: 31-64.

2000 "The Bonds of Hierarchy: Anglo-American Psychoanalytic-Feminist Theory on Inequality in Intimate Relationships." Current Perspectives in Social Theory 20: 67-89.

1997 The Goffman Reader. Co-edited with Charles Lemert. Cambridge, Oxford: Basil Blackwell Publishers.

1997 "Goffman's Social Theory." In The Goffman Reader, edited by Charles Lemert and Ann Branaman.

"Contemporary Social Theory and the Sociological Study of Mental Health" to be published in Mental Health, Social Mirror, edited by William R. Avison, Jane D. McLeod, and Bernice A. Pescosolido.

Book project on Mental Health in American Society (work in progress).
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