Payment for Prescriptions and Merchandise

Your Student Health Fee does NOT cover medications or over-the-counter products. Methods of payment include cash, MasterCard, VISA, and Debit cards. Students may also place any charges incurred in the FAU Pharmacy on their FAU student account for payment to the FAU Cashier's Office by mail, by drop box or online.

Discounted Student Pricing

Student Health Services is a member of a multi-state buying consortium for pharmaceuticals, allowing us to discount some of our prescription medications for students.  If you have questions about the cost of a particular medication, please contact the FAU Pharmacy at 561-297-0072.

Insurance Information

The FAU Pharmacy accepts most prescription plans, including Medicare Part D.  Please call the Pharmacy at 561-297-0072 to see if we accept your prescription drug card.  If we do not accept your prescription card, receipts for filing your own insurance claim are attached to every prescription filled at the Pharmacy.

If purchasing their prescription medication at the FAU Pharmacy, students covered by the FAU Student Health Plan will be responsible for the applicable co-pay which is lower than the co-pay which would be paid at other UnitedHealthcare Network Pharmacies.

 Last Modified 12/19/14