Student Health Advisory Council


The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is the official student board whose members represent the student body at large in the Florida Atlantic University Student Health Services (SHS).


The Mission of Florida Atlantic University Student Health Advisory Council is to:

  • Ensure quality health care and health education for FAU students.
  • Promote wellness throughout the campus community at Florida Atlantic University.
  • Serve as a liaison between the student body and Student Health Services.
  • Assist in formulating new ideas and the development of new programs, which can enhance the quality of service of Student Health Services.
  • Review suggestions and complaints regarding campus health care operations and make recommendations to the Student Health Service administration.


SHAC holds its meetings in the Boca Raton campus Student Health Services conference room (Bldg. SS8W, Room 244, upstairs above Starbucks). Light refreshments will be served. Please plan to join us if you are interested in the health and wellness of FAU students! Call 561-297-1135 for more information.


Benefits of Membership:

  • Increased awareness of campus health care services and activities
  • Direct involvement in policy and program decisions in health care provision
  • Experience in institutional budgetary structures and decisional processes
  • A foundation for pre-professional training and the opportunity to interact with health care professionals
  • An opportunity to broaden personally while being of service to the campus community

2017-18 Officers:

  1. President: Onur Basman 
  2. Vice President:
  3. Secretary:
  4. Treasurer:
  5. Co-Director of Records:
  6. Co-Director of Records:
  7. Director of Marketing:
  8. Historian:

Advisor: Ann Mahan

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