MyHealth Registration
Registration Instructions for the MyHealth portal
You must be registered on the MyHealth portal before you can start using the online service.
  1. To do so, go to
  2. You will need to register on the MyHealth portal if this is your first time accessing MyHealth or your access has been reset.
  3. Click on the MyHealth registration link and enter your FAU Z number (including the letter 'Z'), birth date, and FAU e-mail address. You will also be asked to choose a security question and answer in case you forget your password.
  4. After you click on submit, you will receive your temporary password via your FAU e-mail.
  5. Remember your password and use it to login at (Do NOT copy/paste the password. You must type it in.)
  6. You can then change the temporary password to a password of your choice.
 Last Modified 1/7/15