Greetings Students,

My name is Katie Morris and I am your current Student Body Vice President, as well as the chair of the Undergraduate Travel Committee. Being a student myself, I understand the rigorous process that is entailed in requesting approval for traveling with a student organization or simply for your own personal development. However, the Travel Committee is striving to alleviate the difficulty of requesting funds and to make this process as smooth and timely as possible. Therefore, I want to encourage you to travel and represent our University in the best way possible way and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that you have put into becoming the best student you can be at Florida Atlantic University. As always, Go Owls!

Katie Morris
Student Body Vice President
Florida Atlantic University

1. When do I turn in my travel application?

4 weeks prior to your planned departure date, you must submit the forms listed at the bottom of this page to your appropriate Student Affairs Department on your respective campus listed below. The travel checklist must be included as the cover to your application.

Boca Raton Campus:
Sports Club, Campus Recreation, Building 91, 103
Fraternity and Sorority Life Organization, Building 31, 218
Any other Student Organization, Building 31, 203J
Individual Student Travel, SG, Building 31, 215
Davie Campus: Davie Student Union, 203
Jupiter Campus: Building SR 151, MC03

2. Where do I turn in my travel application?

Upon obtaining approval for travel funds by the funding board, the travel requests forms must be submitted to Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Office by the appropriate department prior to when travel is needed. The University-wide Student Travel Committee will review and make a decision on the travel request within 2 business days. This decision may be appealed within 5 business days.

3. How am I reimbursed?

Within 10 business days of your return, schedule an appointment to submit all original documentation and related travel documents to the SG Accounting and Budget Office.

4. What expenses are eligible for reimbursement?

Airfare & Baggage Fees

Hotel Costs

Registration Fees

AVIS Rental Car

Gas, if driving a pre-approved AVIS rental car

Parking, if driving a pre-approved AVIS rental car

Local transportation within destination city (taxi, subway, shuttle, etc.)

5. What expenses are not eligible for reimbursement?

Food or other per diem costs

Membership Fees

All expenses must be paid by you, out of pocket. GPSA cannot reimburse you for expenses paid by faculty p-Card, your department, spouse or family members or anyone else besides yourself

DO NOT book your hotel expenses through discount travel agencies (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) if requesting reimbursement

Hotel receipts must be on official hotel letterhead and be itemized to include a daily breakdown of expenses, including room rate & all taxes

Reward points/miles, prepaid gas receipts and handwritten receipts are not acceptable or eligible for reimbursement

Anything not listed in the previous "eligible expenses" question is not eligible for reimbursement

For more information please read the Student Travel Procedure Agreement.

6. What do I include in my travel application package?

(please read the travel policy before you submit the forms)




7. What else do I do when I get back? 

After travel, please fill out and bring the following forms and receipts to Boca Raton Campus - Student Union- Room 221,  within 10 business days.

 Last Modified 3/18/14