Broward Student Government

Welcome to Broward Student Government!

Broward Campuses Student Government includes an executive branch, legislative branch, and a member of the University Wide judicial branch.

The executive branch is comprised of the Governor's Administrative Cabinet for the Broward Campuses, which includes the cabinet positions of Chief of Stuaff, Campuses' Treasurer, SAVI Director, Program Board Director, COSO Director, and Marketing Director. In addition, the executive branch includes the program areas of Owl Media and the Broward Graduate Council. It is the aim of each of these program areas to serve all the Broward campuses, including Davie, Fort Lauderdale, and Dania (Sea Tech).

Here, you are joining over 6,000 students striving for academic enrichment, social enhancement, and meaningful employment. For those of you searching to compliment your studies, Student Government provides funding for multiple student-run organizations. We also have various clubs that you can join and lots of student employment opportunities throughout the year. Our hope is for you to make FAU Broward a second home. We know that with your input and ideas, we can make it happen. Like our mascot (Owsley the burrowing Owl), we are small and fierce. 



Broward Governor: Nadia Zuta

  • House Speaker: Austin Sweet,
  • Speaker Pro-Tempore: TBA