Jupiter Executive Branch Programs

Jupiter Student Government sponsors the following executive programs:

Graduate and Professional Students Association (GPSA)

Graduate students have special needs and interests, and the NCGC aims to offer programs that are targeted to fulfill Jupiter graduate students’ needs. The council is headed by the Director, who serves as a member of the University-Wide Graduate Student Association (GSA).

Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI)

The purpose of SAVI is to provide community service and outreach opportunities to FAU students. Some of the past events sponsored by SAVI include “Compassion Cup,” “Homeless Help-Out,” and participation in the National Day of Service.

Council of Student Organizations (COSO)

The Council of Student Organizations works with clubs to provide resources and funding to promote a vibrant student life on campus. COSO is also responsible for monthly meetings and events like ClubFest and Diversitas, a week of programming devoted to diversity.

Program Board

Jupiter Program Board (JPB) plans and coordinates extracirricular activities for the students of the MacArthur Campus. Trips, concerts, game shows, and themed parties are only a part of the yearly events sponsored by JPB.

  • Director: Joseph Wiilliams , jwill263@fau.edu
  • Coordinator: Kristal Hazellief, khazell1@fau.edu
  • Assistant: Blake Bailey, bbaile25@fau.edu
  • Assistant: Samantha Johnston, sjohn192@fau.edu
  • Marketing Director : Summer Westmoreland, swestmo1@fau.edu


 Last Modified 2/28/13