Multimedia Journalism: Student Work

Undergrad Communication Studies

Wavelengths showcases radio documentaries produced by Multimedia Studies students in broadcast journalism. Over the years, these pieces have been featured on the series Crosscurrents.

Tracy Tallman examines the continuing problem with drunk drivers in South Florida (Spring 2006).
Marissa Auten explores the phenomenon of community athletic programs for South Florida children (Fall 2006).
Matt Horan considers the circumstance of the service worker, an important yet underappreciated component of our economy (Spring 2007).
Luz Davila reports on the challenges faced by South Florida parents and schools concerned by children’s nutritional habits (Fall 2007).
Krystena Castro considers the challenges faced by student athletes at the college level, even as FAU’s athletic program continues to gain notoriety (Spring 2008).
Yenory Mejia reports on Palm Beach County’s efforts to deal with the homeless (Spring 2008).
Jennifer Thacker examines the mortgage crisis and its impact on South Floridians (Spring 2008).
Jay Warman looks at the struggles of special education in Broward County schools (Spring 2008).
Liana Nealon looks at Broward County’s attempt to stabilize the local housing market through creation of a housing council (Fall 2008).
Christina Rodrigues explores the often-ignored psychological and social impacts of the economic downturn (Fall 2008).
Angelica Stickle considers South Floridians’ continuing problem with wild iguanas (Fall 2008).
Michael Trimboli teases out some of the political, economic, social, and cultural issues at stake in local attempts to ban baggy pants (Fall 2008).
Brittany Vollmer looks at the advent of online classes in local public schools (Fall 2008).
Tey-Marie Astudillo examines the debate over plans for a runway expansion at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (Spring 2009).
Tevis Brown reports on Riviera Beach’s efforts to reduce crime through neighborhood beautification (Spring 2009).
Ana Octaviano examines allegations concerning pollution from FPL’s Port Everglades power plant (Spring 2009).
Nina G. Wills considers the Port of Palm Beach’s proposal to build an inland port in the Glades (Spring 2009).
Valerie Boldrin reports on issues raised by FAU’s plans for a new football stadium (Fall 2009).
Jocelyn Mund examines Broward County’s cuts in its rehab program for drug offenders (Fall 2009).
Emily Seymore reports on Fort Lauderdale’s enforcement of an ordinance aimed at protecting sea turtles (Fall 2009).

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