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Credits to Graduate: 120     Credits in Major: 36
12 Upper Division Credits in Arts & Letters
FAU Residence Credits: 30
Upper Division Credits: 45

Overall 2.3 GPA required for entry into major
Overall 2.0 GPA must be maintained to remain in major

Grade of "C" or better is required for each course in the major.  All courses in the major must be graded.  Pass/Fail is not accepted.

The Intercultural Communication Sequence, with both its disciplinary and interdisciplinary components, helps students become competent, reflective communicators in personal, public, and business settings. As the United States becomes increasingly diverse, organizations and companies nationwide are changing the way they operate and do business to address the needs of a multicultural society. Faculty and courses guide students in studying the implications of intercultural communication (communication between persons who have differing cultural, beliefs, values and ways of behaving) from domestic and international perspectives, and provide knowledge, motivation, and skills in preparation for advanced study, for becoming analytical, effective, and efficient communicators in a culturally diverse society, and for such specific professions as public and customer relations, political/social activism, organizational communication, consulting, foreign services, and human resources.

3 Credits Introductory

COM 2460 Intro to Intercultural Comm Studies (REQUIRED)

3 Credits Theory

SPC 3717
Intercultural Theory (REQUIRED)

12 Credits Disciplinary Core

SPC 3710
COM 3014
MMC 3601
SPC 3704
SPC 4712
SPC 4718
Intercultural Communication (REQUIRED)
Communication, Gender, and Language
Minorities and the Media
American Multicultural Discourse
Gender, Race, and Communication
Ethnicity and Communication

6 Credits Critical/Analytical*

COM 3120
COM 3342
COM 3500
COM 4461
COM 4707
FIL 4056
MMC 4263
MMC 4301
RTV 4412
SPC 3425
SPC 4443
SPC 4540
SPC 4633
Organizational Communication
Communication and U.S. Cult Studies
Political Communication
Nonverbal Communication in a Diverse Society
Peace, Conflict, and Oral Communication
Women and Film
Media, Society, and Technology
International Communication
Gender and Television
Small Group Processess
Leadership and Communication
Persuasion and Propaganda
Rhetoric of Social Protest

*Note: Any upper division course (3000/4000) from the Core category not already used to fulfill other requirements may be applied to the Critical/Analytical category.

3 Credits Performance**

COM 3462
COM 3945
COM 4201
COM 4703
JOU 3101
PUR 4411
SPC 2300
SPC 2608
SPC 4513
Conflict and Communication
Communication Internship (After 18 credits/3.0 in Major)
Corporate Communication
News and News Reporting
Public and Community Relations (Prerequisite JOU 3101)
Interpersonal Communication
Public Speaking
Argumentation and Debate

**Note: Special Topics (COM 4930), Directed Independent Study (COM 4905), or Communication Study Abroad (COM 4957) may be approved by an advisor to fulfill required credits in the Performance or Critical/Analytical categories.

9 Credits Interdisciplinary***

AMH 4318
AMH 4620
AML 4607
AML 4630
AML 4640
AML 4663
AML 4673
ANT 4302
ANT 4412
CPO 4710
CPO 4724
MUH 3801
SYD 4700
SYD 4800
SYD 4814
SYO 4370
SYO 4530
SYO 4570
SYP 3060
SYP 3740
WST 3305
WST 3325
WST 3640
Class, Gender, and Race in America
Religion in America
African Am Lit 1895 to Present
U.S. Latino/a Literature
American-Indian Literature
Jewish-American Literature
Asian-American Literature
Gender and Culture
Social Anthropology
Comparative Gender Politics
Comp Pol of Ethnic Conflict
Jazz in American Society
Race and Ethnic Relations
Gender and Society
Gender, Power, and Relationships
Men, Women, and Work
Class, Status, and Power
Organizational Sociology
Human Sexuality and Soc Change
Sociology of Aging and Dying
Sex, Myth, Power and Popular Culture
Women, Violence, and Resistance
Sex and Gender in American Culture

***Note: CANNOT be used to fulfill other requirements.

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