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Mark Franz
Mark Franz

Assistant Professor

M.F.A. 2009, Art & Technology, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
M.A. 2007, Electronic Art & Animation, Ball State University

Areas of Specialization:
Art & Technology, Animation, Video Art

Mark Franz teaches modeling and animation, as well as the history and theory of digital media and animation. His work revolves around his interests in literature and design and their relationship to film and animation studies. He has previously worked professionally in the field of motion graphics for the Chicago production house Eatdrink, and additionally as a designer for the Chicago Stock Exchange. He has also produced and art directed music videos for artists such as DJ Spooky and Ki Theory. His current interests consist of interactive sound and video performances of hand-made electronic instruments and video controllers. His recent work includes performances at numerous galleries and venues including the Gene Siskel Film Center, Looptopia, and the Around the Coyote Emerging Arts Festival.

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