Demetrius Dukes



Demetrius Dukes
MFA, Florida Atlantic University

Areas of Expertise: Multimedia Studies, Animation

Demetrius Dukes recently completed his MFA within the Media Technology and Entertainment program in 2017.  His academic research is centered around exploring 20th century art forms and their influence on contemporary games. His most recent work is centered around developing an interactive prototype that embraces the underlying principles of the surrealist movement – essentially using the gaming platform to explore notions of the human subconscious. Professionally, Demetrius has worked as a mobile application designer and has displayed works in numerous exhibitions and film festivals. His personal interests include mixed media painting, 3D modeling, 3D animation, and developing interactive games. For the past two years, Demetrius has taught courses in 3D animation, character modeling, visual effects, digital compositing, and augmented reality.

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