Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Degree Requirements

The Criminal Justice curriculum leads to a bachelor of arts degree and requires a minimum of 120 credits. To earn the degree, students must complete all of the degree requirements of the University described in the Degree Requirements section of the undergraduate catalog.

The program for Criminal Justice consists of 30 credits of 3000/4000-level course work. Students who begin FAU as freshmen are required to take CCJ 2002 as a prerequisite to 3000/4000-level criminal justice courses. In this case, CCJ 2002 will apply toward the 30-credit requirement. The remaining 30 credits may be taken from electives throughout the various colleges in the University. No more than 42 credits in the major may be counted toward the degree. Additionally, the last 30 upper division credits (3000/4000-level courses) must be earned in residence at FAU.

To earn a bachelor of arts degree from a state university in Florida, students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the college level. Earning college credit at the Language II level (courses such as FRE 1121 or SPN 1121) satisfies this mandate. Students meeting the FAU foreign language admission requirement with two years of high school language have not satisfied the graduation requirement. Students must demonstrate additional proficiency either by earning Language II-level college credit or by satisfying the requirement through other means, such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam.

A "C" or better grade is required in all Criminal Justice coursework being applied towards the degree, up to and including courses within the 42 credit maximum.

Required Criminal Justice Core (12 credits):
CCJ 3014 Criminology 3
CCJ4054 Ethics in the Justice System 3
CCJ4700* Methods of Research In Criminology & Criminal Justice 3
CJE3692C Criminal Justice Technology 3
* Requires STA 2023 or STA 3163 as prerequisites
Restricted Electives ? 6 credits (Choose two of the following five restricted electives.)
CCJ4450 Criminal Justice Management 3
CJC4310 Corrections 3
CJE4352 Policing in America 3
CJJ4010 Juvenile Justice Administration 3
CJL4510 Judicial Administration and the Criminal Courts 3
CCJ or CJ Electives: - 12 credits (Choose four of the following 17 elective courses.)
CCJ3660 Crime in the Schools 3
CCJ3666 Victimology 3
CCJ4141 Restorative Community Justice 3
CCJ4450 Criminal Justice Management 3
CCJ4481 Policing in America 3
CCJ4623 Studying Violence 3
CCJ4642 Organized Crime and the Business of Drugs 3
CCJ4644 White Collar Crime 3
CCJ4670 Women and Criminal Justice 3
CCJ4905 Directed Independent Study 1-3
CCJ4931 Issues in Criminal Law 3
CCJ4934 Special Topics 3
CCJ4940++ Crim. Justice Field Experience 3
CJC4310 Corrections 3
CJE4174 International Criminal Justice Systems 3
CJE4412 Problem Solving in Crime Situations 3
CJE4444 Crime Prevention 3
CJE4610 Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation 3
CJE4663 Crime Analysis 3
CJE4668 Computer Crime 3
CJJ4010 Juvenile Justice Administration 3
CJL4064 Criminal Law & Constitution 3
CJL4510 Judicial Administration and the Criminal Courts 3
DSC4012 Terrorism 3
Free electives Out-of-Department Electives 30
+ Does not count toward graduation. ++ Grading: S/U.