Animal Procurement

  1. Complete the online order form
    1. Animal Order Form
  2. The Facility Manager will do the following:
    1. Check the protocol, species, accounts, pain level, number of animals, etc. with the PI’s protocol
    2. Check to ensure proper care, e.g. space, caging, materials and personnel
    3. Check vendor to see if from a standard vendor (Charles River, Taconic, Harlan, etc.)
            i.  If not, the Director is notified and a health status is
                required before placing the order
    4. Place the order and get all information available at the time
    5. Email PI with all information available
  3. Veterinary Services will post each Monday on the Biomedical office door a list of expected deliveries for that week
  4. Animal arrivals
    1. Shipping crate inspected for damage and sprayed with disinfectant
    2. Shipping crate delivered to animal room
    3. Shipping crate sprayed with disinfectant
    4. Animals removed one at a time and checked for any signs of abnormalities
           i.  Maintain animal’s identity
    5. All paper work completed
    6. Email PI with arrival information
  5. PI should check the animals as soon as possible to ensure they meet the expected criteria

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