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FAU Courses in Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property

Across the various curricula, FAU offers courses as part of degree programs that touch upon intellectual property development, protection and commercialization. These courses range from copyrights in the arts to patents in engineering product development to business development. Below are course descriptions organized by college and/or department.

NOTE TO FACULTY: If you have a course that you would like included in this list, please contact the Technology Transfer office.

College of Arts and Letters

Introduction to the Music Business (MUM 3301) 3 credits
Prerequisites: Junior standing, ECO 2013, 2023
An introduction to the history, principles, and practices of the music industry. Topics will include recording, publishing, copyrights, licensing, promotion and arts management, music and instrument merchandising, contracts, and music in mass communication.

Legal Issues for the Musician (MUM 3303) 3 credits
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
In-depth study of the legal aspects of the music business, including contract writing, copyright , royalties , performance rights organizations and licensing. Emphasis on practical experiences.

Music Publishing and Copyright (MUM 4304) 2 credits
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Designed to teach students the basics of music copyright laws and the field of music publishing.

Advanced Music Publishing and Copyright (MUM 6306) 2 credits
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
This course teaches students how to manage their intellectual property.

College of Business

Adams Center for Entrepreneurship Various classes on entrepreneurship.

Cyberlaw (BUL 4564) 3 credits
Prerequisite: BUL 4421 or BUL 4424
Students in this course will study specialized legal issues involving electronic commerce. Topical areas include intellectual property rights, trade secrets, unfair competition, privacy, and enforcement of rights.

Entertainment Law (BUL 4622) 3 credits
Prerequisites: Junior standing and completion of the Gordon Rule composition requirement
This course develops familiarity with legal terminology, business organizations, and agency law in the entertainment industry, with emphasis on intellectual property and contractual issues.

Advanced Entertainment Law (BUL 6628) 3 credits
This course will develop familiarity with legal terminology, legal principles, and business organizations common to the entertainment industry. Emphasis on contract and agency law, intellectual property, acquisition, publicity rights, and artistic credits. Examination of contractual elements common to music, film, television, and literary publishing industries.

Cyberlaw (BUL 6821) 3 credits
An intermediate level course specializing in legal issues involving electronic commerce that is part of the business environment. Topics include intellectual property rights, trade secrets, unfair competition, privacy, enforcement of rights, and cyberethics.

Knowledge Management and Information Technology (ISM 6366) 3 credits
Prerequisite: Admission to M.B.A. program
A business-oriented overview for graduate students of information technology and knowledge management; knowledge-based strategy and organizations; knowledge processes and intellectual capital; and knowledge markets and networks.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Discoveries in Engineering: Innovative Problem Solving (EGN 1003) 3 credits
Prerequisite: For pre-approved dual-enrolled high school students only
An interactive course to introduce students to new and powerful tools to boost their creative problem solving skills. Students enhance their communication and teaming skills, unlock their creative potential, and are introduced to topics related to intellectual property and marketing.

Inventive Problem Solving in Engineering (EGN 4040) 3 credits
Common problem-solving methods, followed by an introduction to TRIZ (Russian acronym for systematic inventive thinking); introduction to intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and unfair competition.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
This new course replaces the existing Senior Design I course, EGN 4410C. It presents the core issues involved in the decision to pursue an entrepreneurial vision. The first part of the class addresses the creativity, critical thinking and innovation necessary to generate new places, products, or services as well as how to evaluate the true opportunities. Next, the need to handle issues including risk versus return, business structure, and intellectual property is explored. Thirdly, operational and organizational issues such as marketing and sales will be presented. Fourthly, the financial plan, exit strategy, and funding opportunities are covered. Finally, student teams develop and present to potential sponsors a proposal for a venture funded team project.

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