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Technology Transfer

The Office of Technology Development (OTD) works to commercialize intellectual property (IP) produced by FAU faculty and students, spur entrepreneurship based on FAU research, and provide a gateway for industry looking to utilize FAU resources.

Technology Transfer Process

1. Pre-Disclosure
OTD meets with researcher(s) to discuss the applicability of their research to industry and identify protectable intellectual property.

2. Disclosure Review
OTD reviews Invention Disclosure or Works Disclosure form submitted by researcher(s).

3. Patent Assessment
OTD determines likelihood of securing intellectual property protection based on factors such as novelty, uniqueness, and usefulness.

4. Market Assessment
OTD assesses market potential for intellectual property based generally on the need in the marketplace, competition, and potential costs and revenues to a commercializing entity.

5. Marketing
Intellectual property is marketed to existing companies and/or start-ups using traditional marketing tactics.

6. Licensing
OTD works with prospective licensee to realize benefits to researchers and FAU while providing a structure whereby the intellectual property can be commercially successful.

7. Monitoring
OTD tracks licensee performance milestones, royalty payments, and intellectual property maintenance.

 Last Modified 8/31/17