2017 Launch Competition Winners

FAU Tech Runway Launch Competition

The annual Launch Competition provides the most promising ventures and talented entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the Venture Class program.

Participants receive entrepreneurship instruction based on the Stanford Lean LaunchPad curriculum, structured team mentoring based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, no-cost working space at FAU Tech Runway, introductions to potential sources of investment capital, preferred access to regional events, and $100,000 in cash grant awards.

$25,000 Award Winners


Aquaco Farms Logo

Aquaco Farms

Designed to be one of the largest saltwater grow-out facilities in Florida and will provide a sustainable, highly sought-after commodity in the seafood industry.

Magic Touch
(Formerly Faceplay)

A cool, new, and authentic communications tool that harnesses picture/video technology to bring back intuitive and personal exchange between users.
Rotation Manager Logo

Rotation Manager

An online/mobile Document Management Platform that enables students in the healthcare professions to submit documents for clinical rotations by connecting them to schools and hospital employers.
Squeeze, Inc. Logo


A FinTech application designed to be your financial concierge. Squeeze analyzes your spending habits, reduces your bills, and grows your wealth through expert coaching, and comparative pricing analysis.
Symptify Logo


Symptify is a versatile and powerful symptom evaluator, coupled with a facility geo-locator, check-in application, health library, emergency contact notifier, and transmissible health bank.

Special Designations


In addition, seven companies were awarded special designations based on other FAU programs and the pillars institutes of the FAU strategic plan. The companies that were honored with special designation will receive mentoring. The seven companies are:

Marine Science/Ocean Engineering Pillar Designee

BGB Designs, Inc. Logo A small, portable, hydrokinetic device which generates electrical power via flowing water, such as streams, rivers, or water moving past a paddled canoe or kayak.

Tech Garage Designee

Not eligible for Cash Award:

The Bionic Glove Project

A technology with the capacity to deliver ambidextrous function to people who have lost, or were born without, a working hand.

Environmental Science Pillar Designee

Let It Rot Logo

Let It Rot

Revolutionizing the gardening and waste processing industries by giving rotten food and other “garbage” a new purpose!

FAU Wave Competition Designee

Not eligible for Cash Award:

Meti Co.

Develops and employs multiple platforms to promote career and business development for users.

Non-profit Designee

Mind & Melody, Inc. Logo

Mind & Melody, Inc.

A non-profit organization focused on improving the quality of life for people experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurocognitive impairments, through music.

Neuroscience Pillar Designee

Neuro Pharmalogics

Exploiting genetic adaptations to develop therapeutic drugs focused on neurological indicators such as migraine headaches.

Healthy Aging Pillar Designee



Mobile chronic disease management platform that educates, supports, and motivates patients with kidney disease into making needed behavioral changes that can lead to the retention of kidney function, postponement of dialysis, and improvement of their quality of life.



Invoice Syndicate ™

Enables approved investors to purchase, at a discounted rate, buyer-approved invoices from the Invoice Marketplace™.

KISScientific Instruments

Produces inexpensive chemical education instrumentation, as well as educational material, appropriate for high schools and colleges.

Entrepreneur Magazine

“25 Cities Worth Moving to If You Want to Launch a Business.”
Boca Raton, FL ranked #17 and Miami ranked #4, August 2015

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