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Overview of GrantForward

GrantForward is a search engine dedicated to helping institutions and individuals find grants to fund their research.

  • GrantForward is able to cover more than 12,000 sponsor sources to provide a comprehensive database of more than 40,000 funding opportunities that continues to grow with the most up to date information.
  • GrantForward’s powerful search system helps to lessen the hassle of searching for grants with adaptable search filters and specialized search features.
  • GrantForward researcher profiles allow researchers to highlight their research achievements and interests to receive personalized grant recommendations for grant opportunities that match their research needs.

GrantForward is a search engine dedicated to helping institutions and individuals find grants to fund their research.

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GrantForward Support Page

This page offers a variety of materials to help your institution members learn everything from how to create an account to how to tailor their grant recommendations.

Getting Started: This section offers welcome guides for both administrators and researchers looking for a step-by-step crash course in how to start using GrantForward. To create a GrantForward account you will use your FAU email address when registering on the log-in page.

QuickTips: This section covers the basics of using GrantForward such as “Creating Profiles for Your Members” and “Disseminating Grants”.

Case Studies: Solutions and answers are provided for in-depth cases, for more complex situations that your members may have such as “How do I get updates for new grants from my favorite sponsors?” and “How do I find grant opportunities using advanced search?’”

Webinars: The Webinars section offers a library of all GrantForward webinars conducted on a variety of topics for your reference.

Additional resources

YouTube Channel

The GrantForward YouTube channel offers a collection of all video support materials including past webinars and all administrator and researcher QuickTips.

Contact Us

If you cannot find the answer to your question or problem, you can always reach out via the Contact Us form, or write to support@grantforward.com to get direct support and help for your issue.

 Last Modified 12/13/16