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GOAL: Prepare junior researchers for a successful research career

GOAL: Assist mid-level and senior researchers in restarting a research career

To be completed in a maximum of 4 years
Minimum of 3 workshops/year will award a “Year Badge”

To be completed in a maximum of 3 years
Minimum of 3 workshops/year will award a “Year Badge”

All Sponsored Programs Core Session

One Sponsored Programs Core Session

All Research Development Core Session

Research Development Core Session:
Restarting your Research Career

All Compliance Core Session

One Communication Core Session

All Communication Core Session

One Innovation Core Session

All Innovation Core Session

One Sponsored Programs Elective

One Compliance Elective

One Research Development Elective

One Communication Elective

One Communication Elective

All Research Accounting Core Sessions

One Research Accounting Core Session



12 Workshops

8 Workshops


After fulfilling minimum requirements per year, each participant will receive a “Year Badge” and certificate at the annual recognition ceremony and will be allowed to display this status as part of their email signature. After fulfilling all courses within a program, an FAU “Research Badge” will be awarded.


While all workshops within the program are open to anyone intending to attend, the scholar program with its reward system, is only available to eligible postdocs and faculty who full-fill the following requirements:


Junior Researcher Program

  • Postdoctoral fellow, Assistant Professor in tenure-track line or Research Assistant Professor (within first 3 years)

  • Must hold a research, health-professional, educational or medical doctoral degree

  • Must hold a full-time appointment at FAU, and commit to stay at FAU for at least one year after completion of the program

  • Approval by Advisor/Department Chair


Mid-Career/Senior Research Program

  • Must hold a research, health-professional, educational or medical doctoral degree

  • Tenured position or held a Research Associate/Research Professor title for at least 3 years, and/or

  • Previously held an administrative position that warranted prior research experience, but prevented the candidate to perform active research during the time of administrative duties (e.g. Dean, Associate Dean etc.), and/or

  • Had a significant gap in funding and/or research due to extended family leave (justification required)

  • Submitted a grant application in the past five years

  • Commitment to research in STEM education or the select research field of the individual

  • Sufficient time commitment to restart research program

  • Recent peer-reviewed research “output” (e.g. publications) are a “plus”


Participation in the scholar program requires participation of a minimum of two (2) workshops (typically one to two-hour duration) per year. Anyone violating this requirement, will not be allowed to continue the program.

Completion of the entire program (12 workshops for Junior Scholar Program; 8 workshops for the Mid-Level/Senior Scholar Program) will earn participants $1,000 toward travel or research supply costs.

 Last Modified 11/2/18