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Research Integrity

Preparing your IRB Submission

In the IRB application protocol, researchers must address and describe the data security procedures of their collection and storage of data especially when working with data that is of higher risk to participants.

Researchers should consider using computer software to protect against malware, ensure that all software updates and patches are maintained, apply appropriate data collection, transmission and storage methods and collect only the data necessary to answer the research question. Storing de-identified data separately from codes so as to protect from re-identification is also a very important aspect for researchers to address.

Please refer to FAU’s OIT policies related to ensure compliance located here.

Data Management and Security Checklist

For FAU – HIPAA Covered Entities, the IRB submission should be accompanied by the data management and Security Checklist. For research conducted in Colleges that are not HIPPA covered entities, Form -11 should be submitted.

For the IRB application:

Contact the IT expert in your College

Researchers are encouraged to coordinate with their college IT representatives regarding their research and data security needs.

College Representative Email
Arts & Letters Greg Topple gtopple@fau.edu
Business Peter Goumas pgoumas@fau.edu
Design & Social Inquiry Matthew Canavan mcanavan@fau.edu
Education Steve Diaz sdiaz@fau.edu
Engineering Mahesh Neelakanta mahesh@fau.edu
Honors Mike Hampton mhampton@fau.edu
Medicine Wies Rafi wrafi@health.fau.edu
Nursing Jony Singh jsingh@fau.edu
Science Jaime Paredes jparede1@fau.edu

For additional questions, please contact Research Integrity Office at researchintegrity@fau.edu or 561-297-1383.

 Last Modified 6/15/17