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Proposal Support

We can provide proposal development support. In order to access our office’s services, it is best if you plan ahead. Below is a sample timeline that indicates at what time points in the proposal preparation process that it may be helpful to contact our office:

5 DaysSUBMISSION TO SPONSORED PROGRAMS COMPLETED • Assistance with external peer reviews• Guidance for fine-tuning NSF broader impact plans Before 90 DaysPLANNING PHASE:Gathering information and formulating the basic components of your proposal 90 – 60 Days WRITINGPHASE: Drafting and writing the argument for your proposal 60 – 30 DaysREVISINGPHASE: Refining your proposal 30 – 5 Days COMPLETIONPHASE: Finalizing edits and assembling supplementary documents Your Proposal • Assistance with finding funding• Identifying collaborators• Hosting brainstorming meetings• Support for formulating NSF Broader Impact Plans • Editing services • Editing services• Templates Research Development Services

Please note that investigators who wish to receive editing assistance must submit proposal drafts at least two weeks before the FAU internal routing deadline in order to allow sufficient time for review.

If you are interested in Grant Facilitator assistance, please contact proposaldevelopment@fau.edu.

 Last Modified 9/18/18