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NSF Templates

The Division of Research has developed proposal templates for frequently-used sections of NSF proposals. Below is a list of templates available.

If you would like to access the templates, click on the links below.
Access is limited to the FAU community only, via FAU email and password login.

NSF templates

Below are links to frequently-used sections of NSF proposals that can be accessed by FAU users. Please note: The following resources highlight key information about standard NSF supporting documentation, FAU resources to support investigators and templates for developing mentoring, education and broader impact plans. This information does not substitute for the NSF Proposal & Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) or a NSF funding opportunity announcement’s specific instructions. When preparing a new NSF proposal, please contact Dr. Day for recent updates to the PAPPG and FAU resources as well as assistance in developing an evaluation component when required.

For further information contact proposaldevelopment@fau.edu.

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This document summarizes general information about formatting your proposal in conformance to requirements as outlined in the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG). Individual program solicitations may require deviations from any of the formatting requirements mentioned in the templates.
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A biographical sketch (limited to two pages) is required for each individual identified as senior project personnel. This document highlights important requirements for formatting bio-sketches and common mistakes that can result in proposals being returned without review.
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This template provides a format for including all required information on current and pending support for ongoing projects and proposals, including your current project, and any subsequent funding in the case of continuing grants.
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Investigators are required to identify the facilities to be used at each performance site listed and, as appropriate, indicate their capacities, pertinent capabilities, relative proximity, and extent of availability to the project.
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Although there are standard components to quality data management plans, each NSF directorate has their own instructions for data management plans, e.g., some directorates have requirements to submit data sets to a particular NSF-sponsored research or educational center.
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Any substantial collaboration with individuals not included in the budget must be described and documented with a letter from each collaborator documenting their specific roles and tasks on the project. (Generally letters of support or endorsement should not be included unless the FOA specifically asks for letters of support as in the case of the SBIR program). This template provides the required format for NSF letters of collaboration.
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Mentoring plans should fit the project, the school’s goals and the needs of the postdoctoral researcher(s) to be mentored. Two sample mentoring plans are available.
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The Broader Impact requirements have changed significantly in recent years. In order to demonstrate the intellectual merit of your broader impact plan, you must describe what you’re going to do in the context of what others have done and most importantly, how you’re going to document performance, i.e., evaluate. Included are two sample plans for improving undergraduate education through FAU’s Office of Undergraduate Research Inquiry and community service learning.
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Provides guidelines for writing the summary page including an overview, intellectual merit and broader impact plans. The summary must be limited to 4,600 characters with spaces, written in 3rd person and publication ready.
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This template describes requirements for including information about prior NSF support.
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