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Beyond the Ph.D. Workshop
Beyond the Ph.D. Workshop
Beyond the Ph.D. Workshop Panel

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs recently held a workshop on career options after a postdoctoral fellowship. For responses to questions raised during the workshop, click here.

The Interview

  • First Postdoc
  • Next Postdoc
  • Industry

Picking Your Lab/Advisor

  • Reputation
  • Lab Culture/People
  • Expectations (24/7)
  • Where and how do they publish
  • Where are all the alums?

The Interview: First Postdoc

  • Have a plan
  • The interview is always on
  • Match both ways

The Interview: Next Postdoc

  • Develop your research program
  • Ask the hard questions
    • CV/Interview Prep
    • What can you bring with you?
  • Match both ways
    • Will they help get you that job?
  • This is usually your academic launch platform
    • Confidence
    • The "hard" conversations
    • Life is moving on...

Enjoy the journey OR know when enough is enough

Industry: What am I Qualified for?

Characteristics of a Good Scientist

  • Outstanding observational skills and strong attention to detail
  • Perseverence
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Open mindedness
  • Strong ethics
  • Excellent communication skills

The Interview: Industry

  • Cheekyscientist.com
  • What careers exist?
    • Biotech/pharma
    • Science/medical sales
    • Consulting
    • Law – patent or acquisitions
    • Education
  • Use a head-hunter

 Last Modified 10/2/18