Published Research at College of Business is Flourishing

Multiple studies by scholars from the College of Business have been published on a wide range of topics in just a few months’ time.

A study published by Professor Rebel Cole, Ph.D., looks at the ability of small businesses to access bank credit following the financial crisis. He has found that banks have sharply curtailed their lending to small businesses, despite the fact that small businesses account for about half of all private sector employment, net job growth and gross domestic product. While lending to big businesses rebounded strongly during 2009-2015, lending to small businesses remains below pre-crisis levels.

Findings published by Assistant Professor Xu Han, Ph.D., provide systematic evidence that some nursing homes are inflating their self-reported ratings. Han’s findings will help the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services improve the nursing home inspection process and rating system. This benefits families considering using these facilities, since ratings are often their only source of information.

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 Last Modified 9/18/18