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Clinical Trial Research Unit

Clinical Trial Research Unit

A state-of-the-art Clinical Translational Research Unit (CTRU) is taking shape. The unit will take an idea born in a laboratory and test it in human subjects to determine its effects – enables new medical devices and medicines to reach the market.

Located on the ground floor of the college’s new building (Office Building 1, ME-104), the CTRU has four exam rooms, three infusion rooms and a large procedure room – all surrounding a nurses’ station with a 360-degree view of the facility.

Volunteers will be welcomed with pleasant lighting, a refreshment bar, comfy chairs, television sets and computers. James Galvin, M.D., the college’s associate dean for clinical research, these details are critical to the success of the new unit’s mission.

“If you’re volunteering your time,” James Galvin, M.D., said,
“we want to make you as comfortable as possible. We want you to come back!”

The CTRU will play a major role in helping the university fulfill its research mission while maximizing the value of ongoing clinical and basic research being carried out at FAU and its partner organizations, including The Scripps Research Institute and the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience.

“FAU’s Clinical Translational Research Unit will advance the process of taking biomedical discoveries from the laboratory through human testing to the marketplace,
offering innovative new treatment options to patients,”

said John W. Newcomer, M.D., professor of integrated medical science and psychiatry program director.