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Ocean Engineering

This theme focuses on creating better technology and tools more intelligently by improving energy efficiency and affordability. Three core areas of opportunity in this discipline are:

• Defense and Security (autonomous sensing and platforms, biomimetic sensing platforms, robotics, acoustics, optics, magnetics, underwater communications, multi-sensor fusion and networking

• Coastal Observation and Exploration (Water quality sensing, Harmful Algal Bloom sensing, remote sensing technologies, autonomous platforms, water quality observing networks)

• Marine Hazards, Coastal Resilience, Environmental Threat Mitigation/Management (multi-scale modeling for effects to infrastructure, modeling the effects of coastal erosion, materials science to understand limitations of structures, enhancing structures, materials science to understand corrosion effects on structures, biological functioning of cells with nanotechnology, microsensors, microfabrication, biomimetic structures, e.g., mangrove-mimicking coastal infrastructure, pollutant detection and monitoring (oil, sewage)

 Last Modified 9/12/17