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Global Partnerships - Israel

FAU is building and strengthening ties with universities, research and education partners across the globe.


Traditionally, research collaborations with academy and industry in Europe and the Near East focus on medicine, science and engineering, defense and aerospace, as well as ocean and atmospheric sciences. Projects in these disciplines are supported by a range of funding mechanisms and they often focus on innovation and industrial applications.  

Collaborations with Israel stand out, as FAU is mandated by the Florida legislature to develop partnerships with Israeli academic institutions and companies. Under this partnership, the Florida-Israel Institute manages cultural and academic exchanges with Israel. One example of collaboration with Israel is formed by the FAU International Center for Emergency Management in partnership with the Chaim Sheba Medical Center.


Our Partners:


Hebrew University
Neuroscience, Aquaculture, Jewish Studies
Tel Aviv University
University of Haifa
Marine Science, Mathematics
Bar-Ilan University
Ariel University
Volcani Center for Agriculture

Funded Projects:

  1. Regulation of Sleep and Metabolism by Hypothalamic Nts-Hcrt-Mch neuronal circuitry
    PIs: Alex Keene (FAU), Lior Appelbaum (Bar Ilan U)
    Sponsor: US-Israel BSF ($270,000, 4 years)
  2. Joint Elasmobranch Research PIs: Stephen Kajiura (FAU), Dan Tchernov (U Haifa) Sponsor: Leon H. Charney Foundation ($235,000, 1 year)
  1. SaTC: Core: Small: Secure and Efficient Solutions for Post-Quantum Cryptography for Codes with Compact Representations
    PIs: Edoardo Persichetti (FAU), Shay Gueron (U Haifa)
    Sponsor: NSF/US-Israel BSF ($499,946, 3 years)
  2. 2. Functional Genotype-Phenotype Mapping in the Mexican Blind Cavefish, Astyanax mexicanus
    PIs: Erik Duboue and Johanna Kowalka (FAU, Lior Appelbaum (BIU)
    Sponsor: NSF/US-Israel BSF ($1,148,464, 3 years)

Funding opportunities:

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