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Examples of Projects

  • Renewable energy generation
  • Assistance technology/devices
  • Environmental sustainability plans
  • Biomedical research
  • Arts/literary research
  • Community-based research
  • Non-profit/for-profit startups
  • Market evaulation
  • Apps for phones/tablets/computers

Timeline 2018-19

August 20 - October 1: Applications open
October 8: Funded projects announced
October 15-31: Orientation, and initial meetings with Wave coordinator
October-April: Bi-weekly/monthly meetings with Wave coordinator (review budget, supplies, project progress, etc.)
March: Participate in promo and marketing materials, craft posters, and finalize project
April 1: Turn in video presentation for judges (4-8 min)
April 15: Awards ceremony and poster presentation

Support Students Receive

  • Publication in journals
  • Launching start-ups
  • Graduate school applications
  • Filing for patents
  • Career placement
  • Connections with industry experts

Contact Us:

Regina Gonzalez
FAU Wave Coordinator
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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FAU Wave Competition


Vithulan Suthakaran created a device to clean oil pollution from aquatic environments.


Alexis Base developed an image recognition and motor control algorithm to manage invasive lionfish.


Pedro Flores is using algorithmic mathematics to turn math into music.

FAU Wave is an undergraduate research and entrepreneurship competition,
fostering student entrepreneurship, research, innovation and ideation.


Undergraduate students enrolled at least ½ time during the fall and spring semesters
of an academic year are eligible to compete in the FAU Wave program.


To apply, please click on the application link and fill out the form online.
For teams with multiple members, the team lead must fill out the main application,
and other group members must fill out the "additional group member" form.

FAU Wave Application    
Additional Group Member Form    
FAU Wave Student Supply Request    
FAU Wave Updates Form    

2017-2018 Winners

Name Project Title Prize
Evita Conway Developing a model for mood disorder classification using eye movements First Place: $1,500
Devin Willis Slidemap improves the accuracy of tumor cell classification and cancer diagnosis using deep learning First Place: $1,500
Vithulan Suthakaran An artificial leaf that transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis Second Place: $1,000
Stephen Hoover Machine olfaction using deep learning artificial neural networks Third Place: $500
Name Project Title Prize
Vithulan Suthakaran SEA Skimmer: The Development of a Sustainable Environmental Accumulation Skimmer in Order to Extract Marine Pollution from a Variety of Geographical Locations First Place: $1,500
Alexis Base Developing an Image Recognition and Motor Control Algorithm for Pterois Volitans’ Population in South Florida Second Place: $1,000
Ben Coleman Transient-Image Density Evaluation System (TIDES) Second Place: $1,000
Pedro Flores Algorithmic Music Composition Third Place: $500
Hannah Herbst Protecting Civilians and Public Service Personnel Through an Early Identification and Warning System for Airborne Chemicals / SEIAC: A System for the Early Identification for Airborne Chemicals Third Place: $500

To download a flier of the 2016-2017 winners, click here.

Name Project Title Prize
Evan Clark Identification of the Role of SRSF1 in T Cell Activation and Functions Through the Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data First Place: $1,500
Brent Marshall Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Jean Baptiste Dalien Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Weendell Esthema Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Jonathan Padilla Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Pedro Flores Using technology to build better lives – the Parking App Third Place: $500
Charles Pratt Queer Images – A Portrait of LGBT Americans Third Place: $500
Bianca Lucien ProScore & Meti Co. Poster Award Winner: $250

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