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Resource Assessment

AUV Based Resource Measurements

Led by Manhar Dhanak, Ph.D.
Affiliated Home Campus: Boca Raton
Affiliated Department: Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
REU Scholar: Carlos Orozco
REU Scholar Home Institution: University of North Texas

Manhar Dhanak


The objective of the project will be to help develop a good understanding of the characteristics of the region offshore off southeast Florida as a resource for ocean current energy, including presence of energetic events that can impact site selection for potential ocean current turbines. The student will be involved in:

  1.  Reviewing literature on Florida Current resource and on applications of fixed and mobile platforms.
  2.  Analyzing previously acquired data from the region.
  3.  Participating in offshore data collection surveys from a boat and using an AUV.
  4.  Funding permitting, conducting targeted AUV surveys to characterize oceanic turbulence.
Click here to watch the student presentation.

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