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COVID-19 Research Related Projects

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, researchers and students across the colleges have implemented projects that are geared to benefit health care workers and facilities, the community and those affected by the virus.

Face Shields

With major shortfalls of personal protective equipment for health care workers around the world, a team, a team from the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the FAU Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering began creating a simple solution to rapidly produce protective face shields with an initial order of 4,000 face shields.
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Virus Tracker

A team from the Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering and the College of Engineering and Computer Science retooled their original Mobility Intelligence Project (MIP), a tool designed to improve the quality of life for people who live, work and play in downtown West Palm Beach. MIP now enables the simulation of virus transmission based on realistic, contextualized models – models that rely on how people actually move and interact within the city.
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Front-line Workers

Joseph G. Ouslander, M.D., from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine provides key updates and resources in an article for front-line nursing home staff and clinicians.
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3D Printers

Professors, staff and students from the FAU School of Architecture in the College for Design and Social Inquiry is using 3D printers in their homes and on campus to manufacture personal protection equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 pandemic workers.
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COVID-19 Change Challenge

The Division of Research’s FAU Wave program hosted a COVID-19 Change Challenge, a platform for FAU students to submit their COVID-19-related ideas for an opportunity to earn prizes.
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Winners of the challenge included:

  • Sean Paz postdoctoral student from the department of biology in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science for his project on optimizing the COVID19 testing process to improve the methodology.
  • Elena McLaughlin from the College of Education and her project on supporting fine motor skills development of young children with Autism spectrum disorder.
  • Christy LaFlamme from the Harriet Wilkes Honors College, Alexia Betances, from the College of Design and Social Inquiry, Michelle Cunningham from the College of Education and Toluleke Famuyiwa from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. The group’s project is Keep Moving – an online platform that engages the community and students with at home challenges, virtual volunteer hours, motivational segments, and mental health check ins to stay connected during this pandemic.
  • Steven Shiba, first year medical from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. Shiba intends to build an individualized COVID-19 early detection and symptoms monitoring system.

Neural Inflammation

Neuroscientists in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and the FAU Brain Institute recently launched a new study into neuroinflammation and its impact on psychopathologies, such as anxiety, depression and cognitive decline. The National Institutes of Health recently awarded them a $1.7 million grant for a novel project that will investigate how inflammation influences neurotransmission and how it may trigger behavioral changes.
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Research Focus Group

Health Focus Group -The Infectious Diseases Research Focus Group develops therapeutic treatments and outreach programs to address infectious diseases.
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