Engineering & Technology Core (ETC)

What we offer

We recognize that projects differ widely in scope, budget, and period of performance. Therefore, we customize our offerings to meet your needs. To achieve this, we apply standard best practices in the engineering discipline as a framework. Drawn from a combination of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Standard and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, we emphasize establishing and maintaining common expectations. Following this approach ensures that project requirements developed collectively at the start of the project guide its scope, resulting in efficient and satisfactory outcomes.

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If we don’t have it available or have access to it at FAU, we can find it for you and arrange for almost anything your project needs. Just ask!

Common services offered

Project planning and management

Engineering design

Equipment specification, recommendations and acquisition

Fabrication and assembly management

Test planning, execution, data management and reporting

Desktop modeling and simulation

Laboratory management

Equipment rental

Equipment operation

Regulatory support

Access to research tools


  • 75, 300, 600 KHz RDI Workhorse ADCPs
  • 6 MHz Nortek Velocimeter
  • 150 kHz RDI Ocean Surveyor small-vessel transect ADCP
  • SeaBird 9 plus CTD with several sensors and more than 2000 meters of coaxial electro-mechanical cable
  • Benthos acoustic modems and releases
  • LinkQuest acoustic modem pair
  • Biosonics split-beam acoustic system (120 kHz/38 kHz)
  • XBT Launcher
  • Various mooring floatation systems

Software Licenses and Expertise

  • Mathworks MatLab, Simulink, xPC Target
  • Solidworks
  • OrcaFlex

Vessels and Vehicles

And much more…


Director of Core Facilities,
Gabriel Alsenas
Direct: 561-297-0954
Mobile: 561-271-6820

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