Engineering & Technology Core (ETC)

ETC experts offer:

  • 50+ years

    Of government affairs, coastal management, and regulatory experience

  • 100+ years

    Of applied engineering
    (mostly offshore)

  • 60+ years

    With the private sector

At ETC, we don’t view our team members as one-dimensional employees. Rather, we celebrate their diverse training, experience, and interests so that they can contribute to the success of your projects individually and collectively.

Engineering & Technology core image
Our team’s expertise and experience span across disciplines and often overlap. This is why we refer to them as “experts” instead of by job titles. For your project, this means that we match the right experts with your needs, and also have complimentary technical expertise to provide creative and quality solutions.

Our team has worked together on many projects, large and small, for at least five years, and in some cases, almost ten. We’ve honed our ability to apply industry best practices in the context of FAU’s research environment, and for various sponsors (state and federal government, private industry, and not for profits).

If we don’t have expertise available at ETC, we’ll work with our partner networks of universities, private industry and national laboratories to find the right match.


Director of Core Facilities,
Gabriel Alsenas
Direct: 561-297-0954
Mobile: 561-271-6820

 Last Modified 7/17/17