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Engineering & Technology Core (ETC)

What does it cost?

Your success is our collective goal. Therefore, we have established a subsidized rate structure to encourage investigators to select ETC to support their projects and to increase the competitiveness of proposals.

When ETC projects align with FAU’s Pillars and Platforms, the Division of Research can provide subsidy of up to 50% of ETC’s standard rates. ETC services for FAU projects not aligned with strategic areas can be subsidized up to 25% by DOR. Please contact the ETC Director to discuss options.

ETC's rates

Service FAU Strategic Area Rate FAU Other Area Subsidized Rate FAU Standard Rate
Senior Engineering or Management $57.50 / hour $86.25 / hour $115 / hour
Project Engineering $27.50 / hour $41.25 / hour $55 / hour

When projects are initially scoped and a proposal is developed, the appropriate rate will be selected for your project.

Senior engineers provide guidance and oversight to projects. Project engineers are assigned tasks to complete a project. Selection of experts for these roles on your project will be determined during performance. If you prefer one of our experts is involved, just let us know and we will do our best to ensure they are assigned accordingly. Generally, we encourage assigning expert roles to both match our collectively estimated distributions as well as sponsor expectations.

The most effective way to get started working with ETC is to contact ETC's Director, Gabriel Alsenas. Share your ideas and he will provide you with recommendations. If your project is something that ETC can help with, the next step will be to schedule a meeting to flesh out the parameters and requirements of your project with our experts.

We encourage sharing your project, even if it is still in a conceptual stage and not yet proposed. By working with you during concept development, we can ensure your project ends up with an affordable and satisfactory solution more quickly. We may even be able to make your proposal more competitive by allowing you to focus on the science and discovery.

ETC services for Departments and Labs

Although PIs are our primary customers, ETC will arrange for unit memberships or subscriptions to its services. For a fixed annual cost, a unit may elect to engage ETC for non-sponsored support.

For example, to augment new faculty start-up packages, a department may wish to offer new PIs no-cost ETC support (subscription). Or, a department may wish to consolidate its existing resources with ETC to release department funds for under-utilized resources (membership).

In either case, the value proposition to a unit is to receive access to a full suite of technical resources for a fraction of the cost of maintaining limited direct internal resources. We will tailor your unit’s solutions based on your needs.

For more information or to discuss your unit’s needs contact Engineering & Technology Director, Gabriel Alsenas.


Director of Core Facilities,
Gabriel Alsenas
Direct: 561-297-0954
Mobile: 561-271-6820

 Last Modified 1/26/18